Country Origin

Will you be able to choose which country you start off in ? also car price and colours

when you make a car can you choose how much it will cost?

once youve released a car can you chose what colours will be available to the customer?

Yes, your starting country will be an important choice and strategy.
Of course you’ll be able to choose how much your cars will cost.
Colors… maybe? I don’t think there would be any useful game mechanic connected to it.

cool beanz also will you be able to take over other players companies ?

Not specifically. “Sub-brands” has been mentioned a few times (Not saying it will get through to the development stage), where you can create another division/sub-brand. Something like BMW/Mini, etc. Basically, if the feature is implemented, it will allow you to create sports vehicles in one sub-brand, but develop cheap econoboxes in your main brand without diluting the image of either one (to an extent).

So what your saying is i cant take over a company that for instance has gone BUST, failing or just cos i want to ?

For the moment, it isn’t a confirmed part of the Tycoon, but it hasn’t been denied either. It’ll all depend on the Devs and how they think the aspect of taking over a company affects gameplay. If it adversely affects their gameplay goals, then they obviously won’t implement it.

Basically, depends on what the Devs decide.

Looking at how the devs also took inspirationg from games like Transport Tycoon Deluxe, I think the open will be implemented eventually. But in the end, nothing is certain until confirmed by the devs.

It would be great if you were able to merge mith competitors, take them over or sell your firm and start fresh with the earned capital.