Cpufreak101's Mod Warehouse (help needed on 1st projects)

i’m just going to remove the 1st post, as it is no longer relevant, all following info will be in later posts

Install the exporter, you’ll need it. It doesn’t do anything different, it just allows you to export in the .kjc format that’s required for the game.

As for the other questions, I can’t provide a step-by-step at the moment, so hopefully someone else will be able to do so soon.

hey, as you might have seen i got my Badge up on the workshop, though as for now, idk if it’s just overconfidence or what, but i thought an hour worth of watching modeling tutorials was plenty enough… here is the lump of potatoes resulting from that trainwreck:

yeah, needless to say i am not continuing that. surprised it turned out even vaguely car-like. so now my new question… what should i do to ease myself into modding? should i try to just make a simple vent? a grille? a square on wheels? because i ain’t as clueless as i was last time i tried, i know the basics, i mean, many people can’t get as far as i have, though many people do get farther than me, basically what i’m saying is, what’s something easy to make?

I started with a badge and then decided to work on fixtures (which I’ve had some great feedback).

I’ve thought about heading into bodies but I don’t feel confident enough to start…and I have a list to get through too! :laughing:

That lump of potatoes is car shaped, so you’ve made the first step. :thumbsup:

You could try smaller mods or just need to keep going and refine the process…then, when you’ve mastered the technique, tell me how to make awesome looking cars without trial and error! :laughing:

thanks for your kind words (and trust me, i have a list of bodies aswell lol) and i do suppose getting a lump to look like a car is step one, though i will follow your technique of make some smaller fixtures, though i’ll await the day i can stick an anime girl on the side of my car

Do you mind telling me the secret to how the hell you can get 3DS Max 2013?