Crash after latest opdate

My game just crash after the last update. i get to the loading sceen with the engine then the game crashes.
sucks when i have a payed copy :stuck_out_tongue:

Please give us some more info on the crash, a screenshot maybe and the error message you are getting.

no message, nothing the game just stops. using W7 SP1. worked fine the day befor the update but when i started it after the update. game dont load.

Does it really stop or does it just take long? For me for example it can sit there and chew for like 20 seconds without doing anything (during loading, before the headers are put on)… and that’s on a hexacore with SSD and 32GB of RAM.

dead stop. iam bak in windows. game just stops.

That’s weird indeed. We’ll have to wait for Caswal to take a look at this… probably he has an idea what it could be. :slight_smile:

Can you go to My Documents\Automation and attach the files, log.txt and KeeEngineLog.txt to a reply.


Done :slight_smile:
log.txt (7 Bytes)
KeeEngineLog.txt (140 Bytes)

Ok, some of the most empty logs I have ever seen, but still gives me a clue.

Can you check the short cut to automation, and make sure that the field “Start In” has a similar path to Target.

Target: “C:\ProgramData\Automation Beta\Automation Launcher.exe”
Start In: “C:\ProgramData\Automation Beta”

If that is correct, I would recommend a fresh install from

As the errors in the logs are Automation failing to find any of the asset files to load.

Sorry for the supremely slow response.