Crash on startup

Hello everyone, I’m writing here because I just bought the game and every time I start it it stays on a black screen for a few seconds and then comes the window that tells me about the crash and if I want to send it.

Would be good if you included what version of the game you were using, your computer specs, and the crashlog if you know how to find it.

I honestly don’t know how to see the version but I think it’s the latest, I have it via steam and it automatically updates the game.
I have the log file but does not allow me to load it since I am a new user and it also has the pc specs written in it.

Anyway I have:
CPU: intel j1900 1.99GHz
GPU: integrated
RAM: 8gb
OS: Win 10 pro x64

In theory Steam recommends lower specifications (same thing some sites).

I’ll go ahead and say that an integrated GPU isn’t quite going to cut it for this game, and 8gb, could probably do with a bit more.
Its just the way unreal engine runs, it’s pretty hungry. I don’t think the steam requirements have been updated for a little while.

Someone might know different but I think that’s atleast why it doesn’t work. If you upload your log once you can here, then someone will hopefully take a look.

Okay, thank you so much for the information.

In your opinion how much gpu might be convenient?

A while ago, but still on UE4, I was able to run Automation on an old laptop with 4 GB RAM and… GT 720? 730? Sth like that. Sure, integrated GPU might not cut it, but I don’t think that’s the case. Anyway, later I can try running the game on my iGPU, although it’s a bit more powerful I think (still weak, I have a 4th gen i5).

A black screen might indeed point to something GPU related. With an integrated one it is likely that it isn’t DX12 compatible? ave you tried to launch the game in safemode?

IDK how helpful is that as a comparison, but, since I said I’ll try - Automation runs perfectly fine on Intel HD Graphics 4600 (it even keeps 30 fps on pretty high settings!).

Yes, but It does not change anything

Would be worth checking out your game log file. You can get that via the Game Log button in the launcher. You can send that to us at stating what you see happens. A link to this thread would be great to include as well.