Crashing on Startup

I’ve only just had this issue today when trying to play Automation (running the closedbeta version), the launcher opens but once you open the main game it goes black and then a Bugsplat report. I’ve tried running it in safe mode, clearing the cache and validated it (there was actually one file that was missing but it didn’t help this issue.) Unlike the other similar issue on the forum my graphics drivers are updated so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Here’s the game log.

AutomationGame.log (173.0 KB)

Edit: It seems to be an issue with the closedbeta version the open beta version is working fine now)

The error you are getting is:

Failed to find shader map for default material WorldGridMaterial(/Engine/EngineMaterials/WorldGridMaterial.WorldGridMaterial)! Please make sure cooking was successful (Contains inline shaders, has GTSM)

Is there some mod that could be causing this?