Cross Game Campaign (Automation/BeamNG)

I love that you can export cars to BeamNG, this of course leaves me wanting more.

Has there been any thoughts about having campaigns from Automation carry over to BeamNG? It is probably a bit of an undertaking, but I think it could add a lot to the game. It could go a long way making it feel less of just a bunch of numbers (though I do love the number) if there was a “seemless” transition from one game to the other, and back.

One thing I have thought of is optional “missions” or competitions. Depending on how successful you are, your company could earn a bonus to marketing. I think it would add just a bit of tangible’ness to what you are making, when you see it go through a test track, or pull a trailer faster than the other trucks in your price bracket.

This does lead to the issue that ‘rival’ automakers don’t actually have any cars to compete against… I suppose I would like to see that too :wink:


It would definitely be cool, but i think the general consensus around here is that “everyone doesn’t have BeamNG so it wouldnt be fair…wouldnt work blah blah blah”

So if theres a way to get around that…or just make it a BeamNG ONLY challenge…MAYBE it could work…idk

Dope idea tho.

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Ah, yeah it is a ‘pie in the sky’ kinda idea.

I just find both games are missing a little something to take them to the next level. Just the ability to port cars is huge (a pretty unique link between games as it is), and is why I bought Automation to begin with, so I thought more would be better for both.

Thinking about it, if BeamNG could let you port info back to Automation, that could be the first Open ‘Metaverse’ for cars. Being able to carry your progress from one game to another without sharing developers/publishers, is kinda unprecedented.