Crossplane 4 cylinder

I just found out that there is an option to getting a 4 cylinder engine with a crossplane crankshaft. it sounds like a v8 and could fix all these whiny inline 4 cylinder cars. Can we have this option in game later time?

Apart from the Yamaha YZF-R1, I don’t know of any other road vehicles that use those.

The solution is unequal-length headers, which is the source of the characteristic “Subaru rumble”.


The solution is unequal-length headers, which is the source of the characteristic “Subaru rumble”.[/quote]

subaru sounds different because its a flat engine.

just because its only thought of for one vehicle, doesn’t mean it will only work for that vehicle. Since its possible and works better than flatplane in some cases like sport cars, it would be a good change. Thinking of only building current vehicles and is a little narrow-sighted. If its possible and has proven to work, then it should be in game, lets not limit crossplane to only v8 engines.

There are no crossplane inline 4 engines in any cars; the Yamaha YZF-R1 is a motorcycle. The reason why it uses a crossplane crankshaft is because the reduced vibration of a crossplane is only seen at extremely high engine RPMs. The highest redline for a car inline 4, off the top of my head, is 8900 RPM for the Honda S2000. The YZF-R1 will happily spin at 13750 RPM.

Honda once built an engine with oval pistons, two conrods, and eight valves per cylinder, way back in the 1970’s. Technically possible. Proven to work. Didn’t catch on for good reasons.

oval pistons are too much work to build accurately, round pistons are much easier to form. but the reason for crossplane crankshaft is for sound and a slight change in torque. Since the gt 350 has a flatplane crankshaft, for sound purposes, we should do the same with 4 cylinders. Get rid of the honda sound from US cars and make our cars sound American once again. Crossplane crankshaft was the most popular type here for a long time til we started to down-size and bringing in imports. The roads will never sound as good again unless we go crossplane. Since this is a simulator / tycoon game, its not like im asking to do it in real life, its just 1 small addition to the list of engines.

Relevant article.

The gt350 did not have an entire crankshaft designed for sound, it is a flat crank because unlike a standard mustang. This is designed for track focused high rpm driving which favors a lighter setup up, cross plane v8’s use countershafts to balance them where as flatplanes do not, so while the flatplane gt350 is lighter and revs more freely, it will be far rougher at low rpms around town.

I remember hearing about that when they introduced the engine.