CSC65 - Snakes and stars

CSC 65 Snakes and Stars

2024 Hoffsman headquarters

The year is 2019 and Hoffsman just released their trio stars, the Venom GT, Aerostar, and the LMH Black Mamba. The success of these cars has brought the company into the spotlight bringing them to the standards of companies like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and other high end brands. Following the unexpected success of their recent rebranding efforts, Hoffsman Motors is continuing the wave of new buyers and new found wealth. Excited by their newfound success, the company is setting its sights on a bold new project, from the ground up supercar to complete their line up.

Unlike previous cars, Hoffsman wants to develop this new Hyper car entirely in-house, from its engine to its chassis, every aspect of the vehicle reflects their vision and design philosophy. The main goal of this project, the commitment to Hoffsman’s established design language—a fusion of sleek lines, aggressive aesthetics, angular lines. Drawing inspiration from the company’s iconic models of the past, the goal is to craft a hyper car that is instantly recognizable as a Hoffsman, yet pushes boundaries and captures the imagination of a new generation of enthusiasts.

Hoffsman has a very unique design element that follows all of their cars, starting with the snake. All Hoffsman cars after the 2000’s have always had this snake like design implemented into the car. Our example of snake design is very angular with open space for air to pass though. Including angular headlights, sometimes a nostril, and fangs in the bumper. If this is confusing just ask me and i’ll explain it better for you, moving on to the headlights and taillights. Hoffsman takes inspiration from stars in the sky for their light shapes. The large star in the middle with smaller stars around it is the general staple of the Hoffsman design, these stars can come in many shape and sizes so whatever fits your design it all works. All of these design choices are noticeable within the COMPANY LINEUP and should give you a base on what the company wants from you

Company Lineup

2018 Hoffsman Venom GT


8.3L V10 na (670 hp)

2020 Hoffsman Aerostar Dracosphero Straße


8.5L V10TT (950 hp)

2025 Hoffsman Black mamba LMH-25


LMH Specs lol

Company Designs

these are just some of the stuff the company has made before, i dont really want you to take from these cars, its just showing you how they have been doing their cars since the beginning

1982 Hoffsman Salto HSR

1982 Hoffsman Holfgang H-GT5

2005 Hoffsman Säberr

1984 Hoffsman Salto HSR EVO I

2018 Hoffsman 097

1999 Hoffsman 097

2001 Hoffsman Säberr Concept

1989 Hoffsman Jäger Evolution VI (Dakar)

Irl Inspirations

last time i did this people just took these cars in here and just copied exactly what they seen in here so ima just say this. (YOU ARE USING THE COMPANY LINE UP FOR THE MAIN DESIGN INSPRATION) take elements from these cars dont just copy please. you want your car to look like the lineup not these cars in here.

2023 Praga bohema

2015 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

2012 Pagani Zonda R

2024 Ford GT MKIV

2024 Bugatti Bolide

2020 Apollo Project EVO

2021 Aston Martin Vulcan

2020 Mclaren Senna GTR

2020 Veloqx Fangio

2023 Mclaren Solus GT

2023 Aston Martin Valkyrie

2024 Lotus Evija X


the main areas I’m aiming for is is high end performance. mainl hypercars but this could include high end supercars like the GT3RS, and lambo revuelto but the hypercars like Bugatti Chiron, Aston martin valk and all of that is the area of high performance im expecting since Hoffsman has always been looking for the highest of the highest. just look at the inspiration lol


-im not judging the engineering go wild with engine options lol (one of the cars run a 8.5L pushrod V10 lol)
-the cap is Hypercars, style wise this company is very wild and only hypercars really fit this super well.
-for the name you can be creative and do what you want, name it after a random German city, word, random guy idk whatever you want as long as its something snake like or German

Submission Guidelines
1 time submission

Naming Convention:
Car and engine model name: CSC65 - FORUM USERNAME
Car trim: Hoffsman, model of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Rules are subject to change until May (10), 2024 00:00 GMT-4
Entries open May (10), 2024 00:00 GMT-4
Deadline: june (7), 2024 00:00 GMT-4


everything i do is perfect already but i changed car inspiration and given it a more specific prompt

Steam version photos

The contrast between this CSC and its predecessor is stark - going from '50s land barges to modern 2020s hypercars is a big leap, to put it mildly, but I’m expecting plenty of genuinely good entries, and even a few truly great ones, from this round.

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I think it’s not entirely clear exactly what performance level you want… A high-end supercar? A hypercar? Because that affects the design quite a lot.

P.S. maybe look at Apollo supercars for complex design inspiration, and maybe Jaguar or Peugeot for animal (though not snake) design inspo

Must be road legal is not the best rule, considering the Aerostar is already one of the craziest road legal car has ever seen, would be nice if it was free, like you could design like VGT cars or render concept cars but actually exist IRL, just only not road legal

Yea so ill probably just be more specific lol, kinda all over the place rn, but yea im looking for a hypercar. high end supercars is almost there which could include like a gt3rs in styling and stuff like that but yea ill just aim for hypercar mainly

No, im not doing concept cars, road legal literally just means headlights and indicators.

Some changes has been made to the post to make the vision more clear


does Hoffsman have a badge?


Yes they do but its not needed, I normally make a custom badge with dark red and a H in the middle. if you do wanna add thats fine


Hoffsman Jörmungandr

Named after the Norse World Serpent, the Hoffsman Jörmungandr is the ultimate front-engined hypercar, with a twin-turbo V10 making 1200 hp, all-wheel drive and optional Avum slick tyres. It also sports an aggressive aerodynamic profile, full-carbon architecture and dynamic spool valve dampers. Its performance is record-breaking – the 100 km/h sprint is done in 1.7 seconds, and it tops out at 501 km/h.




Ok, i‘ll give it a try. But don‘t blame me when i name my Car „Hoffsman S-Bahn“.



The Mamushi (Gloydius blomhoffii, also known as the Japanese moccasin) is a pit viper species considered as one of the most venomous snakes in Japan. Though we adapted its name into this beast of our making, the premise couldn’t be any more different.

Designed based on vehicles in comics, movies, and weekend cartoons, the Moccasin represents the childish side of our designers’ imaginations while incorporating Hoffsman’s unique design traits. The Moccasin is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 pumping 1000 horsepowers to all four wheels, paired with an 8-speed dual clutch transmission and with torque vectoring, rear wheel steering, flexible active aero, and other smart things. Its full carbon fiber construction compensates the weight of its AWD system and modern entertainment and safety features, and its funky wheel covers, camera mirrors, and active spoilers help with aerodynamics. After all, it’s made to be fun to look at, fun to be in, and fun to run with.


by Kotatsu Design Team