CSR 100 - Malicious Compliance

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If this is your first time participating in CSR and aren’t sure about the rules regarding CSR, follow the link to the general rules for this competition by clicking here. If you’re still unsure, please do not hesitate to ask us here!

The Prologue

June 2008; some small town in central Germany

Peter Rundhaus, nearly 18 year old student is close to graduation and currently lives with his parents, Markus and Nina Rundhaus. He already has a drivers licence after Markus forced him to get one for “the added freedom” of being able to go wherever wanted, whenever wanted. But… having a drivers licence is near useless without a car to “be free” in. That same thought process also bothered their parents with their bright blue Skoda Octavia Diesel. As a result, they decided to fund a car purchase for Peter’s 18th birthday and graduation (which, coincidentally, are like three days apart lol).

P = Peter; M = Mom; D = Dad

Peter enters the room with a load of groceries.

P: Mom! Dad! I’m back!

not even three seconds later, a pair of excited parents rush towards Peter.

M: Great! I’ve got some good news to tell you!
D: Remember how you got your drivers licence?
P: confused Yeah… And that imma be “free” and “independent” and stuff…
D: Good. Cuz we have decided…

Dad walks over to some drawer and pulls out a small envelope.

P: even more confused What… is that? points at envelope
D: Money. About 10000 AMU. You are gonna buy a car with this.
P: trying to NOT go nuts Wait… deep breath U sure?
M: Definitly. You deserve that freedom. We worked our asses off to save this money and you really earned it.

Peter breaks out in tears and hugs both of his parents


literally two hours later

Peter has met up with his friend, Justus Brinkmeyer, a 23 year old mechanics enginner university student.

P: YOO JUSTUS! U won’t believe this!!! My Mother will buy me a car!! And i get to choose!!
J: Whoah! Thats great! But cool down a bit. How much?
P: 10k AMU.
J: Not bad… So what will it be?
P: That’s the thing… i dunno, really…
J: Need my help? again?

they talk about intended purpose and preferences for like 20 mins, then head off to start research

Meanwhile in Justus’ mind
Peter is asking for help. Again… I’m kinda sick of this. This is not friendship. This is abuse! And he does not even THANK ME for helping when i do (eventually) do it! I won’t let him do this again. And i know how. Imma fuck up his car purchase SO BAD that he’ll never ask again.
[evil laugh]

The Judging

General Goal

The goal for this CSR is to effectively please both worlds at once.
While it has to be good enough to convince Peter into buying it, it also has to be bad enough for Justus to accomplish his goal in fucking over Peters life with that car.

So the combo is looking for a good bad car.

Peter's Preferences (in no particular order)

Peter sees cars mostly as a mode of transport. He does appreciate a decent design, but has no direct preference in that, so he is very open to what his “friend” hands to him.

Body Type
No high stakes, really… Choose whatever you deem useable, really

Running Costs/ Fuel Eco
This counts for both servicing and fuel economy. His projected income after graduation is not great, but should support the running costs of a car. Should.

He is a 17 year old novice driver. Not much else to say.
He is able to operate a manual transmission and even prefers it as to not having to adapt to the PRNDL.

Peter does not expect plush all over the place for 10 grand, but he obviously prefers not having to get out of it after an hour due to a sore back.

Budget after purchase is tight, and unwanted repairs can easily blow said budget. So he expects it to be reliable, given the fact that he is aware that a 10k car cannot have all that much to break in the first place.

As long as it seats 3 (him and his parents), he’s good.

Well… His learner car (the car he had to drive while in driving school) had 140-ish hp, and therefore some oomph to it. But he does not expect a hot hatch for 10k. As long as it does not actively hold up traffic, even outside of towns/ on the Autobahn, it shall suffice.

Justus Preferences

Read Peters preferences and turn them upside down, mostly.
He just wants Peter to buy the crappiest car possible. Without being directly obvious of course…

Pleas note that Justus scores cars RELATIVE to each other.

The Rules

Maximum Values :arrow_down_small:

material costs*  4700$ 
fuel consumption  8L per 100km (minimum 29.4 US-MPG/ 35.3 UK-MPG) 
service costs  800$ 
noise  50 
trim emissions 150 (government...) 
ET engine 100 
ET trim  100 

*due to differences in cost calculation for the stable and beta build, i have to use material costs as a base for price

Minimum Values :arrow_down_small:

driveability 40 
sportiness 0.1 
comfort 15 
safety 38 (moar government stuff...) 
seat count
reliability 55 

Fixed Regulations :arrow_down_small:

engine variant year 2008 (family may be older) 
car trim year 2008 (family may be older) 
fuel 95RON premium unleaded 
catalytic converter any three-way converter
muffler at least one
tyres semi-slicks prohibited
driving aids ABS or better

The process of submitting a vehicle

Send me a Private Message containing your .car file, or if you cannot send PMs yet, @ me in your post reply in this thread that contains your .car file.
As usual, the same naming convention applies.

Car and engine model name: CSR 100 - [insert forum username]
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of the car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

An advertisement to the car in the thread (in any way, shape, or form) is also needed for your entry to count.

The Deadlines

Entries open: May 8th; 16:00 CEST

Entries closed: May 15th; 20:00 CEST

The Disclaimer

to ease the strain on me as a host and to keep (relative) order in here, i am NOT ALLOWING any resubmissions once a car has been sent. The only case where resubmitting is allowed and required is, if you happen to use an open-beta body not existant in stable.

Because of severe reliability issues, i am forced to host this CSR using the stable release. Open Beta players are allowed to enter, but some bodies are not available in stable. So keep that in mind.

Entries made in openbeta are requested to be sent to both @CorsicaUnknown as well as @Elizipeazie to have them tested for rule compliance.
Stable-made entries are to be sent to just @Elizipeazie only.

Good luck to everyone and (hopefully) have fun over here!

The List of Entrants

@Darkshade-AP_Autos (missing .car file)


So… our client is looking for an affordable, economical first car, but his friend wants to give him a shitbox? This is something that’s never been done… and a fittingly unique set of requirements for CSR 100.


@Elizipeazie - Stable or OpenBeta?

beta entrants are allowed, but due to reliability issues i am using stable


If we build something OB but the body doesn’t exist in main branch will you let us know or is it auto bin?

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since this is a special (unavoidable) case, i’ll inform the entrant and allow resubmission

this info will be added to OP

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So the challenge wants me to build a decent VW Golf-alike that has some awkward Engineering choices on Purpose?

I totally see a rear-engined FWD car with a 2-liter-V12 Incoming, featuring Basic interior and Luxury infotainment

As an American, I had to look this up for myself, so I thought I’d share.

That’s 29.4 MPG US (35.3 MPG UK) or better for fuel consumption.

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sorry that i forgot.
will add that to OP

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Minimum or max emissions?


accidentally put it wrong…

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Three seats, but nothing about cargo space? Guess Peter will have to consider a 3 seater mid-engine car (a.k.a mini Mclaren F1)


Deora II, Boneshaker and Twin Mill would like to know your location


2008 Huangdou Huixing Cu+ Tech Package Trek Package Five-Star Edition


You can carry all want a car? Do you want a car have the latest Chinese technology? Do you want a car will not go wrong? Do you want to be able to rotate a rear wheel drive ? you want to be able to hang a flag of China’s car? this is a comet. Best glorious country. Long live China!

Obligatory Pics


The 2008 Tanaka Osaka 1.3 T

More pics...


Quick question: What bodies are yet in Stable?

which one are u using/ trying to use?

Thinking about one of these, going to make 2 cars internally (but only 1 will be sent)