CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Spring arrives. The city bids farewell to the spontaneous snow, and welcomes the wave of construction the place is used to every year. It is now 2018 in the oil & gas metropolis. The government has recently implemented a carbon tax, significantly shooting the gas prices up. That however, isn’t the worst of the city’s issues. The oil based economy is drying up, and although the sector has gone past its deepest recession, the city is still taking a significant hit. 27% of the offices in the downtown core are empty due to mass layoffs, affecting even workers outside the sector.

Brad, senior electrical engineer, opened the company envelope. Out of the entire page, all he could focus on was the one important word “layoff”.

He let out a deep sigh.


CSR 103 - Oh the Places You’ll Go

A sequel to CSR 84


Brad whipped out his phone and notified Michelle, his wife about the situation. The news eventually reached Sarah, their daughter who is now a 2nd year college student residing in British Columbia. A wave of anxiety rolled over the family.

“So Sarah’s tuition is fuckin’ expensive, you ain’t gonna get any more opportunity in this economy, the only thing we can be grateful about is that the house is paid off. What is there that we can do eh hun?” Brad asked Michelle

“Things just seem to be getting worse in Cowtown…”

A silent pause was followed by Michelle’s long sigh. She then continued,

“The company can’t be assed to pay me any more than what I’m making now, and I ain’t starting no private business. I can’t compete with the boys on 17th and the northwest is full of good eats yeah?”

“Yeah I ain’t doin’ no blue collar shit. I’ll be overtrained by miles!”

“The old Jinhe in the garage is really starting to sputter too huh?”

Sarah points to the garage, where their 2004 Jinhe Albatross sat. The dependable crossover was starting to show its age, lifting up its ripped up skirt, lined with copper-coloured flakes developing in the rear quarter panel. Brad then lifted his head abruptly, pointing a finger to the sky.

“Aye Michelle, how about we travel the world in a fucken car eh?”

Michelle looked at him and paused.

“Brad you’re fucking crazy”

“Think about it, your Jinhe has shown its-”

“I know. You’re crazy, but I love it. We need a new car anyways. Y’know, something I drive to work during the weekdays. I know you can just take the C-Train to work but hey, it’s a nice little vehicle for you to run errands with.”

“…Let’s get on-er! We should take a break anyways after a long time”


“Right, so we’re travelling the world in a goddamn car. What do we need?”

“Iunno Michelle, what do we need?”

“Probably something that can drive on the side of a cliff with ease, something nice and comfy, has some good room too, oh oh… it should have-”

“God fucking damnit Michelle write that shit down!”

Brad threw Michelle a notebook, where she put down a bullet point after a quick brainstorm sesh:



“Rugged? As in tough?” Brad asked.

“Damn right. I want something that can climb Kananaskis like a mountain goat you know? Something that can run a marathon without losing bolts, and when it does, can be easily repaired with some duct tape and love!”

“I see where you’re coming from hun, something that won’t start chippin’ away to paper after years on end eh?”

“Damn right honey”

“Doesn’t need to be like a hardcore offroader right?”

“I don’t want something super hardcore. A baja truck or similar would just be too much”

“What else ya thinkin?”

Michelle added another bullet point:



“You read my fucken mind eh Mich?”

“I know you too well. We’ll be takin’ it for the trip but usin’ it after anyways.”

“Wait let me guess. You want a comfortable ass car?”


“Something that is large enough to hold you and everything in, but not too large to the point where it’ll be a pain in the fucking ass to park like Duncan’s Super Duty?”


“Something that’s fuel efficient?”

“I know the type of vehicle I want is gonna chug fuel but having a wee bit of extra economy is nice eh? Regular gasoline too. We’ll be in the U.S. for a while.”

“Something that has x-ray vision?”

“Not quite. Having that blind spot and parking sensor stuff is nice, but I don’t need it to drive itself”

“Hey hey, I know one. Remember that Day-toe Sancho we drove a few years back with Sarah? Fucken snail eh hun?”

“Goddamn right. I need something that can accelerate onto a highway and pass people with ease. Nothing too crazy like a sports car, just enough to get passin’. Some places would be tough without that.”

“What about the type of vehicle? You don’t wanna be seen driving in a fucken smart car eh?”

“We’ll be sleeping in the car occasionally. I’d prefer SUVs or crossovers. Vans, albeit being kind of ugly and utilitarian might be an interesting option, but I ain’t feelin’ it too much unless it really surprises me. Trucks should be okay too but we oughtta put a bed cap on that bloke since we’re camping in it.”


“Better look the part. If it’s ugly I don’t want it”

Michelle then moved onto the third and final bullet point:



“Quite a list we building eh?”

“Fuck yeah, hun”

“So good value. We got money, we can spend a bit on something nice eh?”

“Fuck yeah, hun”

“We don’t wanna spend too much servicing her eh?”

“Fuck yeah, hun”

“I think that’s everything? Let’s get browsing?”

“Fuck yeah, hun”


General Regs:

Model Trim and Engine Variant Year MUST be set to 2018

The rest can be whatever date you want. AS LONG AS IT’S EARLIER OR EQUAL TO 2018

ESC is Mandatory

Government regulation. By Canadian law, mandatory on all vehicles 2012 and newer which means any vehicle you submit should have it.

Manual transmissions prohibited.

Personal preference. Brad and Michelle have experience with manuals but would rather cruise and enjoy the view around them. The stick could also be finicky off-road.

Cars should preferably run on 86 AKI (91 RON)

91 AKI (95 RON) is allowed but will come with a penalty

Minimum Safety: 48

Government regulation once again (plus a bit of personal preference. Take it as an IIHS minimum for a decent rating.

Minimum Seat Count: 5 full

Third rows are taken into account when judging. I will interpret bench configs as flat-folding seats, while full third rows will fold but not be flat.

Trim Regs:

  • Maximum PU: 120

  • Maximum ET: 150

  • Maximum Mat. Costs: 11000

  • Minimum Fuel Economy: 13 mpg (US)

  • Maximum Trim Emissions: 100

(The couple plans on moving to British Columbia sooner or later; a province that takes the environment very seriously. Going over the emissions limit means the vehicle is briefly illegal in the province.

Engine Regs:

  • Maximum PU: 60
  • Maximum ET: 140
  • Maximum Loudness: 40
  • Race Parts are Banned
  • A three-way catalytic converter (high-flow or regular) is mandatory
When designing and engineering your vehicle, use these as references:

Lexus GX

Lexus LX

Toyota Land Cruiser

Chevrolet Tahoe

Ford Expedition

Mercedes GLS-Class

Land Rover Defender

Ford F150


Engine name: CSR103 - [forum username]
Engine variant: [engine name]
Car name: CSR103 - [forum username]
Car trim: [car name]


We have lives outside of Automation. Please please please quadruple check your entries before submitting as I will not accept resubmissions at all.

Benchmarks and regulations were created via the open beta branch. Cars submitted from the OB are preferred but not required.

Please post an ad of your car in the thread when submitting!

Submissions will open on June 11th @ 8:00 AM MDT .

The deadline is Tuesday, June 18th @ 11:59 PM MDT.

Between now and submission opening date, changes may occur to the regulations if needed.

A helpful link to convert to your time

This car shopping round’s design brief is meant for you to study. I won’t be explicitly giving out what the clients look for. Instead, you’ll be interpreting what the client wants out of their car, you know, like a real design brief! You’ll be building the best vehicle you can, to the point where it’s almost a company flagship. Lore is strongly encouraged. Good luck to all!


  1. Minimum seat count added. 5 full seats
  2. Added catalytic converter & race parts restrictions, just for that extra layer of redundancy.
  3. Added minimum fuel economy
  4. Deadline is now Tuesday 11:59 PM MDT

is that price for open beta clients or the stable version of Automation???

I gauged the price using the open beta version. You can always send me screenshots of the price in your submission if you want to verify your entry’s compliance. :slight_smile:

After initial build for an suv the price was at this currently so i know i got a LONG way to drop that price down…


Ah, I see where the confusion is. The top right should be your material costs. The bottom right should be estimated price. Unless you’re tossing in some crazy luxury parts in there, you should fit the 11k just fine.

OOH ok then XD well if its Material costs then you may want to clarify that becase i assumed its been the actual PRICE of the car

Aaaaaaand here’s one I happened prepared earlier :slight_smile:
(although I’m still tweaking the underlying mechanics)

The 2018 Epoch M40 Atlas EX


This is a rugged, comfortable and affordable daily driver our client is looking for, so it doesn’t have to handle like a sports car or be as fast in a straight line as one, although it should be fast enough to keep up with everyday traffic. However, a catalytic converter ought to be mandatory, while race intakes and exhausts should be prohibited.

In addition, I think there should be a minimum fuel economy limit - and having read the brief, I’m sure our couple won’t want to spend too much money on service costs.

And must the car actually have a 4x4 drivetrain and/or off-road gear (tires, locking diffs, skid plates, etc?) It has to be practical no matter what, with good environmental resistance to boot.

Anyway, I’m starting to like this rule set you just made - it may be about a kind of car most people tend to hate, but it’s very relevant to today’s SUV-crazed world.


Give the brief another read, specifically somewhere in the daily drivability section :slight_smile:

Good point. Although not having a cat would tank the emissions way past my restricted value of 100, a layer of redundancy is always nice. In terms of race intakes and exhausts, the loudness restriction is in place and since “ruggedness” is part of the criteria, people with a race intake probably won’t make it far. Added the restriction anyways just for good practice.

Read their conversation/design brief! There are nuances in places that will tell you what’s important!

Nope. It’s up to you. You can lean to one side of the trifecta if you want to, or make a good all-rounder without the need of some of the stuff.



Yang, is it Land Cruiser time? I think it’s turbo V6 Land Cruiser time. Haha, this round is gonna be great! Hoping to see some quality entries!

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Hi hi, sorry this is so late. Got caught up in a meeting for a couple hours.

Submissions are open!

(Or did 3 hours ago)

Make sure to check your entries diligently and REALLY use your brain to gather info from the design brief! Best of luck everyone!

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Prepare to see a new name in the Automation Universe.
Vector Motors would be competing with their Ordos XT. Here’s a sneak peak. (That’s my way of saying, I’m still working on the inside stuff)


I thinking about submitting one of my latest Bauer designs (I’ve been building the entire company in the background lol) but the material cost… :joy: it’ll take some modification

ahhh that’s hot

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What’s the situation on tyres?

any min/maxing regulations?

You can use any you want, but don’t expect to get too far with some specific compounds. The vehicle will be journeying on both tarmac and dirt so choose wisely.

Don’t do it. If gut feeling tells you that it’s a questionable engineering choice for the era, it probably is and would result in you getting binned.

Do what you can’t…

…and what you can.

See what you can’t…

…and what you can.

The Bauer CX25 Adventure Edition…

With a 2.5L Inline 5 making 293 horsepower, part-time all-wheel drive, and off-road tuned adaptive dampers, you can make every day and everyday an Adventure.


2018 Denver Jalapeno LX

Denver Jalapeno LX features a 2.8L turbocharged 4-cyl, producing up to 220hp and over 320nm of torque and it can produce low emissions too!. Other than that, it features premium interior with premium infotainment and such. that's all since i dunno what to say anymore k thanks bye

Ad 1 of 3 - Next up, the same thing as this one but just some newer pictures.

From good old South Korea, the all-new 2018 Avatrek provides you and your family with only the finest comfort. The 3.1 liter Inline-6 under the hood not only sounds great, but is also sort of good. Sadly however, we have yet to figure out how many seats it has, so shipments to dealerships may be delayed.

I was told this looks funky