CSR 105 - Does this *$#!ing thing need fuel again?

The Car Shopping Round 105 - Does this *$#!ing thing need fuel again???

The Customer

Belgium, Europe, 1979. A time when fuel prices went through the roof, drunk driving was the norm and Anita Ward wanted you to ring her bell.

Meet Gerald, 64 years old and hates cars. Especially so because his 1968 Peugeot 204 not only was even less concerned about its drinking than he is, in times where it REALLY should be. But also because it decided to shit itself and die. At least, that’s what he had told the family, he wouldn’t admit to having visited the pub before almost running over a cyclist, losing control, almost ramming the car’s front end into a cow’s rear end and giving both a tree and the car a very bad time. So now he also got back problems to complain about. Great.

Although usually in a grumpy mood, Gerald does love his grandchildren. His own children though are busy people, so occasionally he drives his grandchildren to their hobbies, beaming full with delight. His 9 year old granddaughter Julie, saddened with the departure of “Snoetje” the 204, seems very keen to help him out pick a car. She’s not sure if anything could replace Snoetje in their lives, but she is determined to make sure their successor will be “the best car ever!”.

Gerald is on a strict budget though, preferably he would like to spend as little as possible now and in the years to come, as his only interest in a car is that it gets him and his grandchildren from A to B. He does want a car that keeps him as the favourite means of transportation over the other grandparents though, he cannot and must not lose to them.


  • Model Trim and Engine Variant year is 1974-1979

  • Maximum approximate cost: 13500 automation francs (Lower is better)

    (you can find that in the Markets Mode in the Trim Testing tab)

  • Maximum Engine emissions: 1800

  • Maximum ET (of either engine or trim) not exceeding 100

  • For the love of god, no furry mod

  • Submit your entry with the usual CSR format:

    Model: CSR 105 - <Forum username>
    Trim: <Car name>
    Family: CSR 105 - <Forum username>
    Variant: <Engine name>
  • The rest of the CSR rules can be found here


  • Gerald reads newspapers and could find an ad for his next car there
  • Life time costs will be calculated on the span of 10 years
  • Looks matter
  • I can and will call you out for obvious min-maxing
  • Almost everyone can drive manual in Europe, although whether they opt for one is another matter
  • 91 regular unleaded is the fuel available


The 12th of July at 18:00 CEST



ugly crying inside coz i totally wanted to bring my tail buttplug fixture to the pride party, you monster


I was thinking a Foxbody - literally.


Unlike CSR 81, this round is set in Europe, and as such catalytic converters will likely not be required, even though unleaded fuel certainly will be.

I’d like to see how you get those emission numbers without one, though


Sitting here, wondering. How much is too much? A.K.A. do we have to beat 8.9L/100Km combined?

I’m sitting here and trying to decide what kind of headlights he’d like better.

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Openbeta or stable?

Personally I use OB, but entries made using Stable should also be fine. Though I’m not sure if the approximate cost is available there and accurate.

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it may be more logical to change this to trim emissions, as:

  1. it opens up more possibilities to reach this
  2. it makes more sense from a realism standpoint imo
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Reduit GSR 14

Flere bilder


Aumilla Vertra 1800AE



Montes Urban 1.4 GXi (1979)

That 1979 Montes Urban 1.4 GXi is the idea choice: thanks to it’s reliable and efficient (and catalysed) 1.4 4-cylinder engine (the legendary G-series), you can go whatever you want: ideal for city, suitable for highway.

And with 5 seats, plus a decent luggage compartment, you can go to any place with any inconvenience.

And as special offer, you can have the Urban 1.4 GXi with that extra equipment, with no extra cost: AM/FM radio, rear wipers and heated window, air conditioner, 5-speed gearbox, front fog lights, and the Almudena 13-inch wheels, and double mirror.

All of this, with the Montes quality, for $12.800


Introducing the 1979 Juniper Halo 16V Injection

A small sport sedan for the economically conscious.



Engine: Naturally Aspirated 1.6L SOHC 16V i4 with mechanical fuel injection.
Power: 76 hp
Top Speed: 100 mph
0-62 mph: 12.1 seconds
Weight: 866kg
Fuel Economy (combined): 9.6L/100km
Wheels: Silver and gold 13-inch Mini-Lites, wrapped in 175/65R13 tyres.
Transmission: 4-speed h-pattern manual.
Equipment: Foam padded cloth seats, 4-speaker sound system with 8-track tape player.

Drive away today for only £12,600


Would you be able to expand on this, if it’s more than just a simple “Service Costs x 10” comparison?


The formula for the prelims would be: LifeCost = Service Costs * 15 / (Trim reliability - 40) + Fuel consumption * 200000 km * 0.8 automation money unit / L

For the finals I’ll calculate the average reliability of all the entries and calibrate the service costs to it using: LifeCost = Service Costs * (Average Trim reliability - 40) / (Trim reliability - 40) + Fuel consumption * 200000 km * 0.8 automation money unit / L


Spectacular design, I’m in love.

Please post a .car file on your design thread after this competition is over, I need it in my life

Of course!
Currently doing some updates to it, so it will look a little different when it’s in your possession.


The front is cool, but the rear is :sunglasses: Cool :sunglasses:

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Guess I’m out… that formula gives me a result of 2,000,000. :rofl: