CSR 111 - You make my heart beat

CSR 111 - You make my heart beat.

Czechia, 2019. Evening

“Okay, what did you do to the car this time” the young woman asked, looking at the disassembled 2013 SC-R, her hands on her hips, and judging by her expression, she was shocked.
“Uh, hey sweetie” her boyfriend climbed out from under the car.
“Just a few upgrades… erm… you know, new exhausts…”
“Does the car need to get any louder?” She said, although it clearly wasn’t a question."
“This car was supposed to be our daily car, not your project." she said in a complaining manner.
“Ugh… Yeah, I know” He looked at her, “Don’t worry about it though”.
“And why should I not?” She asked, looking slightly annoyed but also curious.
“Trust me, it’s all good,” He smiled and held her hand, “Let’s just go to sleep now, I promise to not to start tampering with it again”
“Well… Okay, fine!” She was even more confused, but agreed.
“Don’t forget to wash yourself, you’re all dirty,” She chuckled a bit, before kissing him goodnight and heading off.

Next day

Nikolas was at his friend’s house,they had their bottles of non-alcoholic beer open, and they were just spending their free time talking about their cars and girls.
“You know, this is quite bad” Nik said as he was browsing a car magazine
His friend Ondra, looked at him “What happened? Did you screw up the exhausts?”
“No, Monika caught me working on the car and probably got the idea of my surprise by now” Nik answered, taking a sip from his bottle, looking slightly anxious.
“Yeah, your girl is smart” Ondra laughed, “So, I assume you are buying the car sooner now? I mean, you already can afford it.”
“Yeah, we are buying the car as soon as possible,” Nik nodded, “We would have to rely on cars that are in stock at the dealerships, and I know few around here, they should have cars ready to be picked with minimal wait."
after some time has passed, it was time to go, they had some solid ideas by now though
“Alright bro! See you tomorrow then. We will pick a nice ride for your girlfriend hopefully” Ondra said as they were saying goodbyes to each other.
And with that agreed on, Nik left in his project car, his new pipes laying down the loud rumble of a V6.

What car to make :

A car of european C/D segment, maybe even E, if you can fit in. (Can be from overseas, does not have to be european)
Driveability, Comfort, and Actual Economy will be priorities.
Cars with Turbo are expected, but N/A cars with good economy will be prioritised.

Rules / Minimal Stats :

Trim/Variant Year : 2016-2018

Maximal Estimated Price : $36 500
Nikolas is far from poor, but that does not mean he does not have other expenses, the car needs to be reasonably priced.

Catalytic Converter : Three-Way (High flow or normal)

Fuel Type : 95 RON (90 AKI)

Maximal Loudness : 35
It’s the law

Max. Engine Variant PU/ET : 50/130

Max. Car Trim PU/ET : 110/137

Minimal Safety : 50

Minimal Driveability : 55

Minimal Comfort : 40

Minimal Trim Reliability : 58

Minimal seat count : 4, but 5 is prefered

I am giving you quite loose limits, but do not minmax.

Judging, Priorities :

High Priority :

Although Monika is a good driver, car that handles better and is easier to drive is sure more welcome than something that will try to spin in every corner.

If something were to happen to Monika, it would surely be bad. Thus, Nik wants to pick from vehicles with high safety ratings.

The car needs to be very comfortable, obviously. Nik wants only the best for his sweetheart.

With the both the fuel prices in CZ, and the tuning done to SC-R, the new car needs to be economical. Also, every saved coin is good coin. (But do not make hypermilers)

The car must look good, be pleasing to eye, and must be era-accurate.

Cost/Service Costs
The less the car costs, both in price and maintenence, the better.

Medium priority :

The car should be prestigious to some extent. Simple as that, if Nik wanted something cheap, he would buy a Sandero.

The car will likely serve as a family car someday, and needs to be practical, in case Monika goes shopping or so. (Hint : SC-R with a rollcage does not have much space in it)

The car should be fun to drive, nobody likes boring cars. Especially no-one young.

If the car will need service too often, it is not worth it. Car needs to be on road, not on jacks.

Anything else is not receiving any priority

Send a PM containing your .car file to me on the forums.

Engine name: CSR111 - [Forum username]
Engine variant: [Engine name]
Car name: CSR111 - [Forum username]
Car trim: [Car name]

Resubmissions are not allowed, make sure your car checks out before sending it to me
Even a 0.1 off the required stats means bin

Most mods are allowed. (No furry mods.)

Submissions open 12:00 CEST 08.09.2019.
Deadline is 14.09.2019 16:00 CEST.

Have fun, and no worries.

Example Cars (Mostly visual examples)


I assume Trim and Variant year is 2019?

To surprise, since it needs to be car already in stock, it must be 2016-2018.


I am not familiar with C, D, and E designations, is that body style, vehicle capacity (interior cabin/cargo space), emissions group, tax bracket? Generally in the US we use size designations like compact, full size etc, but emissions families are alpha numeric (assigned by a Gov agency). I tried googling European class C, and got some racing stuff, I somehow doubt he is getting her a touring car.


Check Wikipedia for C-Segment, D-Segment, and E-segment

Thats was my issue, mis-phrased the question. C class is racing, C segment is a US compact.

Thanks for the help.

Follow up question(s):

If I am reading the somewhat informal EU car size chart correctly, would a J segment vehicle (family SUV/crossover) be allowed so long as the general proportions match the description of the C, D, and E segments? I mean something like an Escape (I thinks its called the Kuga over there), not like an Suburban or anything. Are wagons (estate cars) considered J segment, or classified as sedans? Any preference on door count?

Did CSR 111 change dramatically?


This is the first time in several years that an entire round of CSR had to be restarted. But why?

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It’s a long story. Best not to know about it


I think rules say 2016 to 2018.

Who in the world drinks non-alcoholic beer? :thinking:
For legal reasons, is it similar like this?


My first thought was the o’dweeds ad from Chappells’s show. I would link the video (available on daily motion, but not youtube), but I like having my account. Don’t know how the devs feel about certain substances, but I’m not gonna test it.

2018 Huangdou Haiyang Ag+ Red Flag Edition

Submitting later, ad first. ¯_(ツ)_/¯



2018 Hessenburg M2000T Kombi Prestige-Line

Hessenburg. The Drive of your Life.


It does now, because I asked. When I asked it wasn’t in the rules yet :stuck_out_tongue:

2018 Alfora Angus City Version
you only dont know you want it yet

Angus is for everyone, even for you grandmother, sitting in it is like siting in clouds, while the car make almost everything for you, you drive, but dont, you know? With its All-premium interior and its I6, it can get everything you want, for a cheap price too. You can get its 2.5L version for only $36400. Space for the whole family, really great economy, s p o o d. Go check it out right now, you can even swap its engine for a 3.0L I6 or a V6.

(I was making a sedan, but then i made this front and thonk: This needs to be a hatch)


2018 Platinum LP 4.0

Premium Quality for a Bargain Price

The 2018 Knightwick Prevance 25T

some close ups



Everand, Build by us. Designed for you.
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