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CSR 113: Here come the Imports!

Adonijin Damche (USDM Spec)

New from Adonijin! The Damche. A perfect car for anyone looking to have fun cruising town, go daily commuting, or even speeding down the highway.

The Damache is reliable and comfortable as well as having great handling from it’s advanced 4 speed automatic, ABS, and smooth Multi Point Electronic Fuel Injection Inline 6!

Buy one now at your local Adonijin dealership. Starting from $25,400. It comes in a range of fabulous colours including various luxury two-tone paint schemes.


1985 AAAA Dynasty Superior

Don’t make them like they used to? We do, just better.

Our international 4.3L v8 mated to the advanced 4-speed “Austramatic” transmission gives the Dynasty Superior effortless performance whilst maintaining optimal comfort. You will marvel at the level of sophistication that the interior of the Dynasty provides, and our ElectroMax Cassette system will make you feel like you have your own personal concert to listen to. Surprisingly, neither handling nor economy has been compromised in delivering all of this to you, and with class-leading safety features, you would have to be crazy to choose anything else but a Dynasty.

EDIT: Managed to get some better photos working, and fixed the engine issue woo! :slight_smile:


Teaser for a car (mainly to make sure I am working on it)

1985 Garuda Charisma.

What’s Your Standard for Luxury?


More Colors



1985 Arlen Sentinel Pinnacle

This is the pinnacle of the Arlen Sentinel, in name and form.

A Pure Luxury Interior and Brand New State-of-the-art Cassette System.

A mighty 3.8L V6 ready to prowl.

And a dealer ready to offer you the best American luxury experience at an incredible MSRP of $26,000

See it to believe it.


Reduit LX2 2.5
For when you haven’t got enough Citroën in your life.

More images (just ignore the 2.1 badge lol)




yes i know there's spelling mistakes, i'm not japanese

Deja Vu, I’ve been in this place before…


BDM Presents - Kaon V6 MPFI LTZ
Luxury Interior
2.5 I6 Engine

1985 Hanson Heron 3.2

Made in Britain. Designed for America.

Experience true world-class luxury for just $25,900.

Standard features:

  • A 160-hp, 3.2-liter, 24-valve, dual-overhead-cam inline-six with multi-point fuel injection providing a smooth power delivery, decent economy and sufficient performance for daily driving, connected to the rear wheels via either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission (as shown) and a limited-slip differential.

  • Carefully tuned dual-wishbone independent suspension at all four wheels ensures that all occupants enjoy a comfortable ride and crisp handling in all possible driving conditions.

  • A full five-seat premium interior with a cassette tape player and AM/FM radio, plus genuine leather and woodgrain trim, making you feel like you’re driving inside Buckingham Palace. Our electrics are now sourced from Bosch, so you can rest easy knowing that they will keep functioning for years to come.

  • 4-wheel vented disc brakes with optional ABS guaranteed to stop you from getting into trouble when you need them the most.

  • 14- or 15-inch alloy wheels shod in 205-section all-season tires giving you a sumptuous mix of style, comfort and agility.

  • Fully galvanized body and chassis guarantees a high degree of rust resistance, improving the car’s longevity.

  • Restrained and tasteful exterior styling, available in 12 different exterior colors, guaranteed to get you noticed for all the right reasons from Mayfair to Miami Beach.

Please contact your nearest dealer for test drive inquiries.



The Waltrea 2300 EFi Automatic isn’t all it may seem, as underneath, it’s a giant killer, the electronic injection system pulsates into life. It leaves any Chevy, Ford or Dodge in it’s wake. Be sensible, be sporty, be EFi for just $26000 today.

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KGB introduces the Serval Next Generation GT

Available with our inline-6 introduced in our 1984 Lynx modified with turbocharging for modern fuel efficiency and a brand new inline-4 turbo for the Serval giving well-balanced handling.

RRP $26,000 - $28000

(PS: Both meet CSR spec, but what’s better, safe I-4 or more expensive I-6?)

Meanwhile on the other side of the ocean.

1985 AHB Prosum, spanish engineering.

- Excellent engineering is what truly describes this company. As usual in AHB, we offer a perfect balance between price, quality, sportiness and comfort. The most experienced designer made their ideas take the control of this car, and what a result they got.

- The Prosum makes the perfect daily car with it’s economical 120hp engine, but also makes it a practical and sporty compact sedan.

- Being compact doesn’t mean having a small interior, totally opposite to that. With its sleek design, it gets an incredibly low aerodynamical drag while still having lots of interior room and a more than spacious trunk.

- Fitted with the silky smooth combination of a 2400cc inline-5 engine (P24MPiSO3) and a QOA253 gearbox, it makes the 0-60 in just 10 seconds, with a top speed of 118mph. All of this is made with a fuel consumption of 24.3MPG (average).

P24MPiSO3 paired with the QOA253 gearbox in a longitudinal position powering the front wheels.

- With premium seats and a premium-grade BOSE cassette player, this is probably the most comfortable, sporty and economical you’ll ever get, just at 20800$ at your local AHB dealership.
What are you waiting for?


Not a Cimarron

Carson introduced this thing in 1985. Featuring a 2.5 engine, it certainly is a car. It was known to exist.


Powerful like the Queen, agile like James Hewitt, sturdy like Thatcher
It comes from a rainy country, so it is designed to not let you stand in the wet. More reliable than ever before - for just $ 22.800.
Modern automatic transmission. Powerful V6 engine. High standard trim level. SMITH&HUGHES RELIANT 320


Ciao from Italy!