CSR 142: A Place in My Heart (Finished)

Look, man, I don’t think there’s much point in arguing any longer. The next round is in progress by the looks of things and the scoring has been finalized. At this point you’re just clogging up the thread and pushing actual posts on the forums down from the home page. The best idea here would just be to shut the fuck up. You haven’t really contributed anything so far with your replies and comments.


I can confirm now, the CSR 143 is on It’s way.


I don’t think that any CSR ever purely has been about points per car.


alright I’ll just say this once- the winner of my last round was not chosen purely on points, and I’m not entirely sure where you got that from. sure, I had a spreadsheet with all of the stats listed out, but I used that to influence my judgements, not as my sole basis for choosing the winner. if you had bothered to read the actual writeups, you would know that.


Okay, so I was inattentive to your review.
But if this is really the mode in which reviews are conducted, it is good that I did not become a host, because it is so much work, and besides, the word of a judge is law, and no one will refute it. Although in this case, too, it would have been a lot of controversy. For a reason, everyone agreed to his rules and brought a confirmation code, and no one would appeal the judge’s decision, because it is simply forbidden by the agreement between the host and the participants of Chellenge.

please, just stop talking before you dig your grave any further.

mazda may have made a mistake, you may have made a mistake, i may have made a mistake, whatever. can we just drop this and move on? i’m tired of seeing so much controversy from this topic. just accept that it’s entirely the host’s decision how judging works, and move on.


Can we just stop this now? I thought I was going to see an update on the next round.


Anyways do expect a few more posts from me regarding the “epilogue” of this round, partly due to the generosity of @alen.alic1983, and partly because of @Texaslav suggestion

CSR round 143 is here.


So I will take my time driving all 40 cars in order they were featured in this challenge. It will be a long process, but this thread will be more relevant because of it.
Mind you, one of the reasons my cars usually fair less favourably is because I spend a lot of time setting them up to drive as well as possible in BeamNG not just Automation. :joy:
This means that the drive reviews might be a bit different as I will only report on what I notice from drives themselves. I will take it upon myself to show the most relevant drives, track or standard driving test based on what fits the vehicle in question.
No, these do not affect the results of this competition. That might be relevant if I ever host a competition in the future.
Stay tuned boys and girls.

Alen Alic
CEO of Avion Motors


Now before anyone even starts wondering why there is no video review updates…

My chair broke :smiley:
In a never ending quest to actually find a low chair that doesn’t swivel, I’ve managed to buy a chair that turned out to be subpar in material quality.
Why do I need a low chair? Well, to chill, but also to be comfortable with my wheel and pedals. Even though I drive a 2000s Alfa, it doesn’t mean I’m fond of high seating positions.
So yes, until a chair is found, this is put on halt.
Sorry for the inconvenience, as I’ve already planned disciplines in which to rate your rides. :slight_smile:


Here’s the last part of my video series that started with me making my car. Even if you didn’t watch it, you might still like this video since I pretty much cover the whole results of the challenge.


I wish every challenge were reviewed in this fashion…

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Maybe I will have to host a challenge where I do just that!


Do it bro, you brought that shit to LIFE!! Reading all this is one thing, but to take it to that next level and talk about almost each car in a video format is super dope. I never knew you had videos homie, so imma definitely go and check those CSR videos for sure.


You deserve to be applauded for going the extra mile and review the entrants on CSR 142 in video format - and I wouldn’t be surprised if another CSR received similar treatment.


Lol, this might be a small complaint, but you could have left the text you put over the Icarus for slightly longer, when it just flashed by I read something along the lines of “We’re cool if…stop doing…junk, right?” and felt mildly insulted and had to read it again. :rofl:

No hard feelings but it could have made a less calm person lose his/her temper I guess. :rofl:

Nice work with the video though. :slight_smile:


Ok, that was hilarious! Well done sir, well done.


Well in all honesty it’s quite an honor that my round was the one you decided to feature. Anyways excellent work, especially decoding some of my logic. Anyways, hopefully other people do this for other CSRs. Maybe I should do this when I have the requisite time.