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CSR 99 - Hello Guvnor [FINISHED]

He said the detective is a skilled driver who does not fear a stickshift. But imagine shooting while driving a manual…

Imagine having your aide do the shooting for you that’d be even more amazing than driving Automatic.

Just go with whatever you want we don’t care other than the associated stats.


1989 Spirra Cura Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters Homologation Number 77

By the Time you're done reading, you're at 100km/h already

Designed and Built by Spirra, the DTM Hom. model of their Cura Sports Sedan is so closely related to the racecar, you might as well call it a race car. Italian born and bred, the AWD 3L Turbo V6 monster rockets to 100km/h in 5.3s, as long as it takes you to say its full name.

Extra Spicy Angles


Almost forgot - Will the client accept any limited production parts, such as a luxury interior or aluminum panels? I’m assuming he will, but I don’t think race headers or intakes will be allowed. And now that I’ve narrowed my choice of entry down to a pair of cars, I must now decide on which one to submit.

Make it as you want it.

Well In a matter of hours I have created something - with actual effort. Next Up I need an artist to help me with my advert if anyone is willing…

Also it (to me anyways) drives brilliantly around the full circuit on the West Coast City map for Beam. I highly recommend using that track to develop your car if you have Beam, it has many more features that the Automation track with more possibility for testing brakes.

Submission is now open!

PM your entry to @goblin95

7 days left!


Take a Franklin Marshall Horizon and give it to DMC and ask them to “tune it up a bit”…

The DMC Horizon Available in Stealth Black, Blood Red, Met Blue and Showsalldirt White.

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1989 Honghu 88888888 Heilong 427

Try to find a way to make this name longer. It’s probably really easy

More Communist


A little teaser…

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MEN A :b: 86 Endgame


Do you want to bend reality to your will? Just so you can have a true driver’s car?

Do you disregard all facts, physics, and contradicting opinions just so you can have something you think looks cool? Well then stop wasting our time pretending you want something different. The MEN a :b: 86 is the true driver’s car for you. It isn’t fast, comfortable, economical, refined, advanced, or even really fun. But the steering wheel is on the right and it looks like the car from the cartoon and that’s all you really care about anyways. Now with the ability to remove the HATERS from reality! Visit your local MEN dealer today for exclusive offers on the A :b:86 Endgame!


1989 Bradford Alima Turbo

More angles


1989 Mavensworth Mynxe

Redefining Grand Touring in a small package.

Front shot + Specs and Info.

  • 3.4L 24-valves v6 delivering 282hp and 246ft/lb of torque;
  • 0-100kph time just a little over 6 seconds;
  • Rear-biased AWD setup w/ geared LSD;
  • 5-speed manual and ABS brakes

Sounds like the CSR 69 @Mikonp7 :smile:


Reduit is back (without the sausage roll jokes)… With the all new 1989 GSR8 V12 Turbo…

Under the hood you’ll find 5.5 litres of turbocharged V12 magnificence, developing 673.7 of the finest Mauritian horsepowers; ready to send you all the way to 186mph in both style and comfort

But wait, there’s more… Just like any good grand tourer these days, the GSR8 comes with an astonishing 3, YES 3, Miles Per Gallon (UK)

The Reduit Automotive GSR8 V12 Turbo - Available for just £165,000 at your nearest Reduit Shed


Culminating the vast performance history of KGB, a new car seeks to set the world alight…

Delivering the height of modern design, we’re bringing back curves.

Ready to devour the 1/4 mile crushing 0-62 mph in 3.9 seconds, crossing the line in 12.19 and given room to stretch reaching all the way to 202 mph.

Performance unmatched, body cutting edge, interior hand made to unprecedented standards.

KGB Regalia RS Platinum - The pinnacle of automotive performance.

5.0L V10 Twin Turbo - 752hp @ 7300rpm - 763nm @ 6700rpm
Rear Biased AWD system
KGB Mastered 5 Speed Manual Gearbox
Geared Limited Slip Differential
Hand made seats and dash
Luxurious Cassette Deck
ABS as standard

RRP $100,000


How did you do it ? Without over 110 ET ?

CSR 99 - Kyuu77 - KGB Regalia RS Platinum.car (34.6 KB)

Oh, and I was going to make a 400hp V6 with a tonne of turbo lag, but when kobacrashi made a V12, I figured it’s worth trying to top that lol

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