CSR120: The Funky So And So [Finals Released]

CSR 119
The CSR Rules and Stats

Late 1972, California - USA
Mark Hutch - undercover detective, working on the Luxury car theft ring case for 9 months now.


Tips about the case come in quick and they may be on the other side of the city from where he is, so he needs a fast car to get there quick while the leads still hot.

His weapon of choice - the far out 1971 Falman Panther GT,
like a bullet on wheels, fast and stylish with some serious in-your-face attitude.
With it’s blue with white stripes paint job and rear spoiler, it sure stands out and everyone knows where and who he is, but that isn’t an issue when it’s fast as it is and can get him there before any perp can book it.


While on the case, a lead comes in, an Elwood Iroquois has been stolen, and it's near Hutch's location. A couple minutes later, he's on the tail of the crook in the Elwood.

‘‘PULL OVER SLICK’’ Shouts Hutch on his megaphone, 8 car lenghts behind the culprit.

The perp punches it to try and outrun the Panther.

Hutch throws the megaphone in the rear seats, drops down a gear and chases the suspect.

The perp has almost disappeared behind the corner of a building.

The Panther, screeching it’s tyres, goes around the corner to find the Elwood has disappeared.

Hutch, stunned, continues going straight on with caution, trying to find the disappearing land yacht.
A block down the road, he gets a surprise, the Elwood has appeared behind him, and the crook lets him know with a powerful shunt from the back.

The Panther looses traction, Hutch goes off the gas to regain control,
but the Elwood is back on him and goes in for another hit, Mark tries to dodge, but gets hit on the corner of his rear-end.

The Panther uncontrollably goes off the road and in a grassy park, the side wheels dig into the ground.

The car is airborne and upside down.

Three rollovers ensue....

An action that lasted seconds, left like it lasted minutes

The car rests on it’s top.

Mark, breathing heavily, stares at the Elwood disappearing in the distance.

Mark crawls out of the wreck and gets a cigarette out, he mutters the works ‘‘Lucky prick’’ with the cig in this mouth.

He looks at the car, it’s totaled, wheels bent, body mangled.

Limping to the nearest payphone, Mark calls his buddy John the Mechanic…

‘‘John, it’s Mark, I need a new ride, maaan’’

''What happened to your ride?''

Mark looking at this wrecked panther

‘‘Aaaaa… little issue with a grit, look I need something fast… fast’’

''Can't your insurance company get that sorted, man?''

Mark reluctantly explains that his insurance company knows he’s been using it for work and they wont cover any damages caused.

''Alright, I've got like 25 stacks to splash''

''You dig the Panther, why not another one?''

''After that incident with the grit, that ain't gonna fly with me no more, I need something more substantial and powerful, I need payback.''

''Hold that thought, I know a guy, he's got some contacts. I'll give him a ring.''

John calling his bud from his office

‘‘Jones? … Hey man, I got a cat who needs a set of wheels, but he ain’t gonna be so easy to deal with, he want’s something specific to his needs, you think you can help him?’’

''Sure, hit me. What does he need?''

''Tell him, I need a big V8, something with real grunt. A strong large car, might come in handy and I need it to be pretty new and reliable, will be cruising the streets for long hours, can't have it conk out on me during a shift.''

Submission Rules

Trim: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Family: CSR120 - [YOUR FORUM NAME]
Variant: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Send your entry to @Ryan93, you can also send it to me, but that's optional @MGR_99

Hard-set rules

  • 2.8m wheelbase minimum (new falcon body allowed, but larger is preferred)
  • 1970-1972 (Engine) Variant and (Model) Trim year (Variant and Trim)
  • 4 Full Seats minimum
  • Engine PU 40 / ET 110
  • Trim PU 90 / ET 90
  • Loudness max 35
  • Safety minimum 35
  • 92 RON leaded
  • No Race Parts
  • 8 second 0-100 kph minimum
  • Min Premium AM Radio = Police Radio
  • Min 50 trim reliability
  • 4x4/AWD not allowed, RWD preferred
  • Front engined only
  • Period fitting brakes, like if you are making a more luxurious type of car, it would be fitting to have all round disc brakes, however more regular cars might have disc front and drum rear, maybe even all round drums for a real P.O.S.
  • Price 25k (lower is better, however you are allowed to go 400 over the max)
  • Period correct design in and out
  • Make 'er pretty (even if she’s ugly), design will be a big factor of final verdict
  • Extreme use of 70s slang
  • image

Loosey-goosey rules
(doesn't mean you don't have to follow them, just means they aren't as specific to a number)

  • Higher driveability = better (no duh)
  • Lower fuel consuption = better (gas is government paid, sooo… more economical is still better)
  • V8s preferred, heavily
  • Ladder frame preffered, since we are looking for a tough car
  • The car can be either a 4 door or a more muscle car like coupe, this is up to you to choose either the undercover route or loud and proud one. WHILE FOLLOWING THE DESIGN TRENDS OF THE TIME.
  • Make your car realistic, add door handles, key holes, wipers, antennas, fuel doors, corner lights, mirrors… the works and make sure they are proportionally sized to the car. Also add antennas for the police cb radio.

    See my AADAT if you are a begginer and need some tips.
  • No maymay bodies, no maymay mods in general pls and thx


References to base your design off of:




The Challenge will open to entries on Sunday @22:00 GMT(+2).

Time for entries will close Friday (28th of February) @22:00 GMT(+2).

Some additions and rule changes will take place soon :)
i dont know what im doing

Done by @Ryan93 and @MGR_99



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Time for PDC5 proper shiii

There’s no “92 RON Unleaded”. 91 RON Only.

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Whoops, sorry. Must have accidentally added un- to leaded.


Just a reminder: Min-maxing ought to be discouraged.

On that note, must the cars be exclusively front-engined? And will FWD drivetrains be allowed? Our client won’t be looking for a 4x4, though.


The Engine ET limit is 110, but can I go 110.4?

say that again.

but slowly…


Yes and he will prefer RWD but FWD is not illegal :wink:

110.4 still 110 if we round it.

didn’t know automation rounds the values to integers…

if you are doing 74 in a 70 zone, you are still speeding, even if 74 would round down to 70.
doesn’t change the fact that you are speeding.



Are mod fixtures allowed?

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Are they looking for a manual or auto?

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First off:
anything not explicitly forbidden or limited by the ruleset is allowed

said ruleset may be subject to change

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You can use both. :slight_smile:

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I think this calls for the sherdiam

Are V8s a hard-set rule? It doesn’t say so in the rules, but is rather mentioned in the story.

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well that ain’t gonna happen

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Use a v8 to be safe ^^ some rules are still in wip.