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The general CSR Rules
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The summer of 1988. Sun is shining down upon a smog-filled Los Angeles, a city in the midst of a crisis as the Writer’s Guild of America strike continues to continue, a heat wave rummages each day and Reagan is still in office. This is not even to mention the cries of teenage girls heard all over the country, due to the breakup of East End, a New Wave band who had dominated the music charts during the decade.

East End was founded in London during 1979 by singer Ethan Hues, guitarist and keyboardist Kit Doyle, bass guitarist Caitlyn Tennant, drummer Nik Taylor and songwriter Co Kaine. Originally associated with the New Romantics scene, characterized by their flamboyant fashion and deep lyrics, they became a leading force in the Second British Invasion of the US music charts, achieving multiple No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 such as “I Will Throb Your Heart” (1984), “Spit On My Grave (And In My Mouth)” (1985) and “Yum In My Bum” (1985).

With their worldwide success came internal struggles within the band. Aside from the Taylor, the members were constantly fighting over who’d receive the most screentime in music videos, who’d receive top-billing on the back of vinyl sleeves and who was actually the pin-up boy. In 1987, after a mutual agreement, the group decided to break up. While most of them moved back to their native England, the drummer Nik Taylor decided to stay in LA, to settle down with his family and escape the popstar life, in his multi-million dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

After a few months, life has settled down. And now it’s ready to be turned upside down, once again. Nik’s partner, Eric, wants to adopt a second child to their home, after having adopted their daughter just a few years earlier.

“Well, this idea certainly sounds… intriguing”

"Oh, make a merrier face about this! I know you love this idea just as much as I do."

“I mean, sure, but we’re gonna have to get us a new set of wheels, and it feels like I just got my EXC”

"Is that seriously your main concern, getting a new car? Look at the money you were throwing around just a few years back, I know you won’t have a problem with funds"

“Right… there’s something you need to know, something that I’ve hidden from you for a while now…”


“I’m a cheapskate. I don’t like spending money, never have.”

I see. Well anyways, I’m sure there’s plenty of family cars available for less than a Taluvec! We don’t need to live in constant luxury anyways.

“What’s a Taluvec?”



Your car needs to hold at least four people and their luggage comfortably. This isn’t saying you need to make a van with a massive cargo capacity, just that it needs to be able to fit a few large suitcases.

If it’s a mid-size sedan with a 2.0 engine, make it look like a mid-size sedan with a 2.0 engine. The design needs to represent what the car underneath is, design cues should flow together well and each fixture should have a purpose. This isn’t a call to over- or underdesign your cars, just have them look good.

Ties in with design coherence. Look at the specifications and engineering of cars from this era and have it be like a car from 1988 would be.


This is a family car after all, so expecting a car that will spin out at every corner is out of the question.

Again. it’s a family car. It should be safe by 80s standards, as the passengers shouldn’t be afraid any time they sit in it.


There is a soft limit of $31,500 - if your car crosses that limit but is worth it, the family would be glad to have a look at it. This allows you to make anything from an ordinary sedan to a minivan or a premium wagon, and it should be a wide budget for the family car they’re looking for.

Ties into price: a car that’s good on fuel is well appreciated but not that necessary. Hot tip, don’t throw a turbo on your car just for the sake of better fuel efficiency.

Both the owners know how to drive manual and automatic. A manual can definitely get tiring in LA city driving, an automatic can be much slower and eat into costs. It’s a hard choice, isn’t it :wink:


Something that doesn’t require a new engine everytime they go to the shops is good enough.



  • Variant Year: 1988
  • Fuel Type: 91RON / 86AKI
  • A catalytic converter is required
  • Max Engine ET: 130


  • Trim Year: 1988
  • Max Trim ET: 115
  • Max. Approximate Price: $31,500
    Consider this a soft limit, as the buyers are definitely willing to go over this cap for a car that’s worth it.


These are some cars to guide you when it comes to your choice of bodystyle and styling.

Since I already have this lying around, here’s a playlist filled with 80s cheese to really get you into the spirit without having to resort to cocaine and intentionally getting AIDS


SUBMISSIONS WILL OPEN September 1st, 17:00 (GMT+3)

Until then, give me all of the feedback you can.

THE DEADLINE IS September 8th, 20:00 (GMT+3)

Click here for a countdown to the deadline.

Use the following naming scheme for your entry:

Engine name: CSR126 - [forum username]
Engine variant: [engine name]
Car name: CSR126 - [forum username]
Car trim: [car name]

An ad is also required. Submit on the forums only, it’s highly possible I might miss it on discord.


You’ve got a one-time chance here, use it wisely.

And most importantly, have fun! Don’t be salty, sad or disappointed if your car doesn’t win as it’s all about participation in the first place. Take your time with your entries, there’s no need to rush them. Also, any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated! Don’t be afraid to speak out when there’s an issue somewhere, I’d love to try and resolve it.


I suppose that our client will accept a two-door coupe or SUV, assuming it was built using a body capable of accommodating at least two rows of seats and was also fitted with at least four full-sized seats.

Also, why are there no trim/engine PU limits? And given that Nik is looking for a new daily driver, reliability could be a priority for him.

Finally, given that this round takes place in America, a catalytic converter ought to be mandatory, even though 95 RON premium unleaded fuel will be required. On that note, will you allow entries running on 91 RON regular unleaded?

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if you say so

Sweet, sweet freedom. Also, copying this from CSR107 because it encourages more creativity in a challenge where many of the entries could be very similar to each other

Good point, I’ll add that to the brief!

Took a day to write this up and still forgot about something so simple, shows how good of a host I am

No, to avoid people using 91RON, getting binned for offering less performance and worse economy than other entrants, and then getting salty that it “wasn’t their fault they went for realism”


might i suggest raising the engine ET from 130 to 140 to allow for a larger range of engines?


You can make a V10, 40 valve (Or V12, 36 valve) AND multipoint injection for under 130 ET. Pretty sure the range of engines is plentiful enough.

That would only be possible with liberal use of quality sliders and would only be able to be done via the use of a cast iron head.
it would be difficult to make a DOHC, 3200CC, 24V V6, with multi point injection with an engineering time under 130.

True, but I just found out that a straight-six with the same displacement and valvetrain slots in well under the limit with all quality sliders set to 0 - and that was with an alloy block and heads, plus variable intake valve timing. It could be due to the fact that an inline six has only one bank of cylinders whereas an equivalent V6 has two.


I’m struggling to understand your concerns, considering this is what I got with a DOHC, 3200CC, 24V V6, with multi point injection and an aluminum block/head


It’s staying at 130ET for now.

On another note, the Fuel Type requirement will change to 91RON/86AKI! Unless anyone has any gripes with this or can convice me to change it back, this is gonna stay.


Mine’s even lower, for a 4.0L V6 with MPFI - I got this.
But now you know exactly what type of car I’m building… :joy:

A ford exploder?


How did you know I was basing my engine off of a Cologne V6 :joy:


I am confident that I can get enough power out of the engine I want to use on regular unleaded gasoline, so I will accept that change.


For fuel, you made the right choice, considering how consumers in real life always take fuel requirements into account when purchasing a car, and 86/87 AKI being the most cheapest and probably the most commonly used octane in the US. And it’ll probably help deal with the turbo minmaxers.


I might have forgotten about this

and will be until September 8th, 20:00 (GMT+3). I recommend everyone re-read the rules and restrictions, as they have changed since yesterday.

Again, a countdown to the deadline. Anyone who submitted before this has the chance to resubmit.




Don’t worry, I’ve changed the plates to white!

The Brantan Bourbon XLT Eagle Pack - Named after the street, not the drink you alcoholic!

It’s one of those early SUVs like the Ford Explorer… or the… uh… what else is there?
The XLT gives it some beefy, offroad wheels and tyres, and a side step.
The Eagle Pack gives it some plush seats and a cushy Cassette player!
It has a 4.0L V6 - or near enough.


1988 Hanami EcoVan

For $23,300, you can get 7 seats, a 2.9L Inline 5, 15.5L/100km, and some pretty unassuming styling.

Do Not Miss Out


1988 Blaire Guntra EFI Mk. I

Our brand new compact family sedan (and totally not the precursor to the Leo) introduced the Jeuno Platform which will be featured for the next-gen Albatross, Rodman, Walaby, & a brand new compact sedan coming 1990! Starting: $20,100.00!

Blaire Automotive Co. ®️


1988 Astrale Dominus EX AWD- stylish, luxurious, and practical

Astrale, a joint venture between Akari Industries and Llewellyn Motor Company proudly presents the all-new 1988 Dominus. Powered by a 167hp 2.9L V6, mated to a 4-speed automatic, standard all-wheel drive, seating for 5 and 22mpg combined, the Dominus is a family car for all seasons. Seen here is the upscale EX trim, with a more luxurious interior, a special front grille design and a sportier suspension set-up. The Dominus also has innovative motorized sliding rear doors, allowing for improved rear seat access. The Dominus is on sale now, starting at $23,450 for a base LE model, up to $31,600 for the EX seen here.