CSR146 - Real Shopping Round

CSR 146 - Real ShoppingRound


Birmingham UK, 2008.
At this point in time i was 23 years old and looking for a new car, i was coming from a 1994 volvo 940 of questionable reliability and having a job and no wife at this time meant the lure of a brand new car was calling me.

After having a couple of large volvos this time i was after something smaller, more modern and efficient. However i didn’t want a cheap bare bones small car, more something with good looks and at least some slightly sporty intentions.

The primary use case for this car will be driving me to work 6 days a week, this drive is completely through city roads and no faster than 40mph (usually well under half that). With my previous cars i have used the car to drive out to pubs or car shows or days out with friends so being able to hold more than 2 people is a bonus but not required.
I don’t do a massive amount of motorway driving at this time, usually travelling to surrounding areas on country A roads instead of the more straightforward motorway
At night the car will be parked on a driveway but during the day it will be parked on the road so something easy to park is a bonus.


Peugeot 108 XS Sport

Renault Twingo GT

Citroen C2 VTR

Fiat Panda 100hp

Perodua Myvi se

Proton Satria neo CPs

Fiat 500 sport

Ford sport ka

Suzuki Swift sport

Nissan Micra CC

Ford Streetka

Opel Tigra

Mini One hatch

Mini roadster/coupe cooper (technically too new, but based on a car launched in 2007)

A note on the inspirations, the Opel tigra twintop, Nissan Micra c+c and mini roadster aren’t really sports cars, they are just economy cars with the roof chopped off. I don’t want anyone getting confused about what im after here and making a sports car that just happens to be small. Those listed convertibles really are at the upper level of what I want.


  • Trim and Variant Year- 2008

  • Maximum Engine ET- 115

  • 95RON premium fuel

  • three way catalytic converter required

  • at least one muffler, keep noise reasonable

  • Maximum Trim ET- 110

  • 2.2-2.5m wheelbase limit, these are absolute numbers and not rounded from in game.
    And to make sure the cars stay small I’m adding the below rule

  • 4.0m overall length limit (might change a bit when I check automation)

  • 2 seats minimum, more would be advantageous. I am not after a 2 seater like a mazda mx5 or mg tf as these would have very high insurance costs so keep the style of car in mind. Obviously no 2 seater mid engined hatchbacks.

  • $25,000 cost limit

Notes on interiors

I know interiors are a touchy subject now. I wont be forcing interior designs, if you want to make one that would obviously be preferred as i can reference it in reviews. Plus i can give design pointers to help out.
If you really can’t do an interior for any reason then send a couple of pictures of real interiors that would suit your entry along with your submission and i cant roll this into reviews.

interior designs


important :star: :star: :star:

  • Realism, look at the inspiration cars and similar cars to get an idea of how they are built and the performance they have. These are not hot hatches.

  • Drivability, these are small cars with small engines so nothing too hard to drive. This also includes ease of parking

  • Reliability, no one wants a new car to break down, plus i have to be able to travel to work 6 days a week.

  • Styling, again look at the inspirations, these cars have sporty flourishes in the design.

  • Fuel economy, there is no point buying a small A or B segment car if it isnt easy on the wallet. Right I’m changing this now after reading what @Portalkat42 has posted below, just note if your mpg is ludicrously high I will have to see why. But I will not be changing any part of any cars, and for all cars I’ve already reviewed they are as sent in anyway so don’t worry

slghtly less important :star: :star:

  • service costs, i’m not expecting a luxury car so try and keep a handle on service costs

  • comfort, it’s a small car but try not to make it like sitting on stone. A nice ambience and seats go a long way.

  • Sportiness, these are not sporty cars however i will be looking a how the car handles at lower speeds and how good the brakes are.

not too important :star:

  • Safety. i don’t want to die in a fiery wreck but safety stars aren’t my top priority at this time.

  • practicality, the car is only for holding me so this isn’t important to me.


  • All entries must be built in the open alpha of the game, lcv4.2

  • Submissions will be accepted only on discourse, pm with your entry

  • Submissions open on Monday 9th May at 1200BST. Rules will be subject to change until then.

  • Submissions close Monday 30th may at 1200BST

  • Post an advert of some kind in this thread. Even just a couple of photos will do.

  • There will be no resubmissions, and all results are final.

The naming scheme is as follows;
Model: CSR146- (your username)
Trim: free to choose
Engine Family: CSR146- (your username)
Engine Variant: Free to choose

Here are a couple of fifth gear videos showing the level of performance and driving characteristics of these cars

Countdown timer can be found Here


Wheelbase limits = actual numbers or numbers rounded by game? Is 219 or 251 cm ok or not?


Is there a seat restriction? A couple look like two seaters only.

This refers to the approximate cost of your car as shown in the detailed stats section of the overview tab.

No, 2 seaters are fine a 4 seat convertible would be too big for this category. But obviously no 2 seat mid engined hatchbacks

Real numbers, so no 2.19m or 2.51m wheelbases. 2.6m is really the very upper end anyway, I put that in because there are a few bodies with 2.45m wheelbases but a short overall length. In fact I will put in an overall length rule to point this out

I don’t know any of these cars, personally. Are any of them AWD? Would an AWD setup be fine? That’s a marque of my companies, efficient flat 4’s with AWD.


How about 2+2 convertibles?

not sure how many bodies exist in this size but if it fits in the body realistically then I’m ok with it. I can only think of the mini cabriolet in real life with that setup. I will add the bmw mini to the inspirations though. Also i guess the mini coupe/roadster fits the brief if it is a little on the new side and most of them are far too powerful

sad noises for the clio v6 build that may have been rolling around in my head for this. but would one that’s 2+2 work though?

Cant say if buyer himself would accept it.
As for if any inspiration had AWD:
No car in inspiration tab has AWD (ok iirc Swift and Panda do have such versions, but they are not mixed with engines blessed with any kind of performance or handling host is looking for)

Boxers would also be unusual choice from IRL point, but again im not host

@abg7, you forgot to ask if it can be a high-flow, as it isn’t stated in the rules :rofl:


On that note, I take that to mean “a three-way catalytic converter of any kind is required” - so if I were to enter this round, I could, in theory, fit a high-flow unit to my entry. I would still prefer to use a regular 3-way cat, however, given that our client isn’t looking for an outright hot hatch.


I’ll have to leave it up to your discretion if you think a certain car is +2 rear seats or not as it’s kind of hard to say

This is the rear of a twingo, the seats do fold up and pretty much touch the rear window so they could be classed as +2

This is the fiat panda where they are just a 2 seat bench, maybe thats just a normal 2 seats in automation

And finally the Ka were they appear to be more like individual seats but the design is still one unit

Time to go and cross examine the 57-Reg KA we have at the workshop


Would a small sedan be accepted or does it have to be a hatchback/coupe/convertible?

If it can be suitably “sported up” then there is no problem with that. I didn’t add any to the inspirations as I couldn’t really think of any sold in the UK.

This is now open to entries as of 2 hours ago. Make sure to read the full post at the beginning as I’ve been changing a few things and making clarifications as I go, so I don’t want anyone to fall foul of this

2009 Mitsushita Polly 1.5 RS

You never actually intentionally buy these. They always suddenly appears in your life without you knowing how or why. But you’re always glad that it did.


Just a note about interiors…and I used to be pretty salty on them. Trust me when I say that now with the latest updates, anybody can do an interior. No more nuking, no more crazy dancing around. It just takes a lot of time, and patience. It goes a long way toward presenting your vision. Sure, we’re limited, but you can draw broad strokes with the tools we got. Some people are goddamn Picasso with interiors, me I am Cailiou with a crayon. But still, here we go:

FMC’s balanced brand - IKIGAI - would like you to see the 2008 E-140i. This model is up-fitted with the deluxe two-tone trim, in softex leather-like fabric. Full leather is an option on higher trims, as well:
(6 speed manual shown)

Yes, we fit 5 seats in this tiny thing. No, there’s not a lot of room for luggage. Fold down the seats if you need more.

112HP, more than 42MPG, and 0-100kph in 10.1sec. It can run the skidpad at more than .95g, and has stout brakes.

(as-shown with optional rear bumper decal package, dealer no-cost option)

I think it looks pretty good, too.

All yours for 23,400, its a steal.

Excellent handling, economy, capability, and value. IKIGAI helps find the purpose of being, by finding the balance within.


Liftbacks allowed?