CSR155 - Swanky Set of Wheels (OPEN)

1959 Ironclad Automotive Fortis Deluxe

What do you get when a heavy truck manufacturer with too many frames left over from making WWII Deuce-and-a-Halfs decides to get into making luxury cars?

Well, you end up with something like the Fortis Deluxe.

Ironclad Industrial’s new car division, Ironclad Automotive, used the same 549ci powerplant from their cement mixers, tractor-trailer rigs, and dump trucks as a baseline for the Fortis. This heavy-duty V12 engine is the same thing… Except for the reduced compression, spark ignition, and carburettors on top.

The frame is a lightly modified military frame for a 2-½ ton truck, fitted with lightly-modified commercial-grade rear axles on coil springs and a newly-engineered front double wishbone suspension setup. The rear four tires are driven, though with two open differentials for more pleasant handling characteristics and a better turning radius. A newly-designed 3 speed automatic handles the power delivery from the engine to the axles, letting you spend more time enjoying the creature comforts, and less time jamming gears.

Those creature comforts include a fancy new AM/FM radio, with glovebox mounted phonograph, plush leather seats, air conditioning, hydropneumatic suspension, and power-assisted steering. And if blasting your face with refrigerated air isn’t quite what you’re in the mood for, you can always drop the top and let the outside in.

Admittedly, this much car can be a bit much for some people. With a price tag of $29,300, it’s an expensive automobile to say the least. And some people may be turned off by knowing that the current color schemes all involve colors derived from what Ironclad Industrial works on. This does limit your choices to picking two colors from the list of:

  • Caution Stripe Black
  • Caution Stripe Yellow
  • Safety Orange
  • Photographic Gray
  • Basic White
  • Industrial Forest Green
  • Tractor Red

However, we’re sure that this list will continue to expand over the years to include the more standard colors we’ve come to expect from most manufacturers.

We hope you choose to buy an Ironclad Automotive Fortis Deluxe as your future car purchase.


1959 Meunier Stargazer

Gaze at the stars while you are doing what it is you are doing in the back seat…

Another outlandish creation from Meunier coachworks.



Stargazer clip

(Some changes are made to the car after recording this)


Ehhh…you know the story behind why we have so many 1956 Crown Victorias in Sweden, right? :rofl:

I bet they would have shipped this one to Greenland instead…


Damn, that thing is really nice. Hard to beat.

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1959 Ilaris Imperial

You ever wondered: What if we stuck an outdated design formula and modern technology in a single car? This is the result. Suffer.

Ilaris Imperial. For the people that want to be sporty, but can’t handle a corner faster than 20MPH.
Ilaris Imperial. For people who want to look classy, while also looking like they live of minimum wage.
Ilaris Imperial. Less than a metric ton of weight for more than a metric ton of lift-off oversteer.
Ilaris Imperial. We would put a frunk in a front-engined car in the 90’s like we did a trunk in this car.

Ilaris. Our parents told us to grow up and we didn't. Ever.

Pictures or something

Stats or whatever

drivability: very
sportiness: high
comfort: yea
prestige: probably
safety: maybe
reliability: 70 something i forgot its 12am
mileage: like 27mpg or something
speed: like 10 second 0-60 and infinite top speed
cornering: no

copy write 1595 ilaris motors o t c i give up

Presenting the 1959 Torrent Torpedo, a sleek new middle ground sedan. Riding on a 116" wheelbase and powered by a 270hp, 6.2L V8. Although there is a focus on creature comforts, it’s a quick car with a 0-60 of 8.5 seconds. Also displayed is the Torrent Projectile, the coupe sibling to the Torpedo with a unique front end appearance.

The local Torrent representative recommends the Tornado for Raymond as it offers a better balance of stats for less money.


Crown Victorias in Sweden? Det skulle jeg ha hørt om, men nei…

Is the host ok with invisible chassis and suspension for interior purposes?

What is the significance of Raymond’s exes? Does he keep a harem, or is the car meant to be a functional accessory to his dating life, or does he need trunk space…?

Having done further research - still not quite conclusive, but getting there - the biggest tires I could find commercially available for road car use in 1959 are about equivalent to 215, maybe 225, on 16 inch rims, aspect ratio somewhere 75-100.


Well, the 1956 CV Skyliner is a rare car everywhere but in Sweden. Almost every one of them is registered in 1957. Rumours says that they were so hard to sell in the hotter states in the US, due to the glass roof acting like a greenhouse, so they were shipped to the coldest hellhole on earth so it wouldn’t pose a problem.

I can only imagine this roof in the summer, though.


it is completely fine

fuckin uhhhhhhh i just put this there in case anyone asked what his relationship status is so it is just up to you how you interpret it


1959 Jefferson Pharaoh Coupé

The ultimate in all-American personal luxury coupés - the brand new Pharaoh brings Jefferson into a new era of world-beating comfort, styling and performance.


  • 423 cubic inch Big Block V8
  • 320 hp
  • 370 lb-ft
  • 3664 lb
  • 0-60 mph in 8 seconds
  • 148 mph top speed
  • Steel body on frame architecture
  • 3 speed automatic gearbox
  • Clutch-type differential
  • Four-wheel disk brakes
  • Double wishbone - semi trailing arm suspension with progressive-rate springs
  • Handmade leather interior with bucket seats
  • Luxury AM radio

Does the ban on functional aero fixtures exclude all fixtures that add aero functionality, or does it just mean that wing angles must all be set to 0?

I’m assuming it’s the former. Using body molding to simulate a ducktail rear spoiler or front lip is allowed, though, as far as I am aware.

I’m pretty satisfied with how this looks, but considering its based off the 250 gto (already beyond the time period) and the fixture activates aero functionality I feel like this will get binned even with the angle set to 0


The problem is, Aero fixures actually do add downforce just by being there, even when they’re set to 0.

So if you just want a purely-asthetic spoiler, you’d want to make it with a fixture that isn’t in the Aero section, like a body molding piece or those dashboard inserts.


SOHC 3 or 4 valves per cylinder wont get me binned right
just double checking

I actually do just that for all of my builds that I want to look like they have functional aero, but don’t actually need it.

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@shibusu Is that the '44 Tatra body?

@VaporScape Considering I got a semi-vague warning for a replica of a SOHC-2 V12 in actual production in 1959… I would venture that any valve count over two per cylinder will be binned.

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The body I used is “Euro_50s_Fastback_Preview”.

Frustratingly doesn’t allow four seats with rear-engine configuration. So I disregarded that and made the interior have two tiny backseats anyway. They’re not represented stat-wise, however.

That body style should have room for up to two or three full-sized seats in its rearmost row for front-engined configurations - it certainly looks big enough to accommodate them.

they’re just banned unfourtanetly
because they provide downforce even if the angles are both set to 0