CSR160 - The Pannonian Sailor [RESULTS]

CSR160 - The Pannonian Sailor

2009 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

TLDR - You are tasked with making a B-segment hatchback/liftback


27-year-old Dragana and 28-year-old Djordje finally, after decades of war and subsequent hardship, manage to scrape together enough money after the for their first brand new car. They live in Novi Sad, Serbia, however they make the 550 km-journey to Dubrovnik to visit Dragana’s parents two times a month, and in the process lug around a substantial amount of presents, food and tools. They are also planning to start a family in the next few years, so their new car should be able to last them a while to ease any future financial burden. Djordje fancies a lower, more agile car, preferably a liftback, whilst Dragana has recently taken a liking towards roomier and more traditional hatchbacks. Neither of the two, however, like crossovers very much. They’re not appreciably roomier than the hatchbacks they’re based on, they cost way more to buy, run and insure, and they aren’t even on sale in the region to boot. The couple plans to travel to Croatia to buy the car.


  • Max price: $13000

  • Total tech pool cost: $55m

  • Minimum TP: 3, 0 in aspiration for N/A entries

  • Fuel: 95 RON

  • Trim year must be 2009

  • No legacy bodies

  • Must have 5 seats, door configuration is up to you

  • Standard realism rules

  • Advanced trim settings are up to you within reason

  • No interior required

  • Emissions requirement: WES11

  • No racing parts, keep it street legal

  • Max wheelbase: 2.55m, minimum wheelbase: 2.3m - this is a little on the long side for b-segment cars, though I thought it was fair since b-segment liftback sedans often have a longer wheelbase than the hatchbacks they’re based on


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Dragana is an interior designer. Her new car must look good first and foremost. They will be driving the car a lot, so safety and comfort is of paramount importance.

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Fuel economy
Service cost
Value for money

The couple would prefer is the car didn’t drain their bank accounts any more than absolutely necessary. I would not recommend going too far below the already tiny budget cap, though.


Environmental resistance

NOTE: Both Dragana and Djordje know how to drive a manual very well, and considering most cars in this had a manual transmission at the time, you won’t be penalized at all for using one. However, if you do manage to squeeze a non-slushbox automatic into the budget, it will give you a small boost in rankings.



Entries start @ 2024-02-09T23:00:00Z
Entries close @ 2024-03-02T23:00:00Z
Submit the .car files over discourse
Model/Family name: CSR160 - [your name]
Trim/Variant name: up to you
Ads are required

Rule discussions take part until entries start


  • Submission time pushed back to March 3rd
  • Transmission preferences added
  • Minimum wheelbase requirement added

Cool! I like making ordinary cars, might enter if I won’t forget :smile: Why WES 11 already though? IIRC its limits it’s roughly equivalent to Euro 5, which was required since 2011*, so the equivalent of Euro 4 would be a more realistic requirement here - and I don’t suspect Croatia to have particularly stringent emission standards or introduce Euro ones before the default date. Which, I think, would be WES 10? Can’t check RN, and I don’t remember what limits it has. It’s not like I’m pushing for WES 10, I’m just curious.

*- it’s slightly more complicated, but still, at most Euro 4 would apply in the setting of this challenge

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There is no mention of a detailed interior, so I’m assuming it will not be required or judged, although entrants are free to fit them if they wish.

Also, with the priorities as they are, does our client prefer an automatic transmission (including a CVT) over a manual one?

And given the era in which this CSR is set, I believe that all tire sizes for entries must end in 5, not 0.

One more thing: Advanced 00s safety is very expensive (especially considering the low budget cap), so safety should be bumped down to a 2-star priority, while reliability becomes a 3-star priority in its place - they’re looking for a new daily driver, after all.

Two things:

1 ) that is a very, very short time window for entries to be open. 2 weeks is practically nothing. At least 3 would be better.

2 ) can we please have the time of the deadline be in PST? I know a chunk of the player base is in Europe (or even further east), but there is also a decent chunk in the US too. It would be better to give everyone more time by having it end in PST than holding a chunk of the players to a deadline that’s in the middle of the day for them when they might have work or other responsibilities.

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A small compromise for the dates (so we don’t get more month long competitions or worse) would be to end it on the 25th, so people have two full weekends to build a car, that seems fair.


A C-segment hatch/sedan would be too large and expensive, but an A-segment city car would be feasible, although it could be too small (and many body sets of that size only have provision for +2 or +3 small rear seats, not full-sized ones, which I think should be required) for our client.

And even though sportiness is a 1-star (read: minor) priority, an unnecessarily underpowered car would not be of much use to our client - 70 to 100 bhp should suffice for their needs, since >100 bhp may turn out to be overkill in such a cheap car.

In addition, a minimum wheelbase limit of 2.30m (after rounding to the nearest 0.1m) may be considered - below that, you’re getting into city car territory.

Changeboard added

A 550km roadtrip in a hatchback!? These are just my kind of people! XD

Regarding exterior colors, which ones do our client prefer the most, and what are their least favorite options? I’m assuming they will take any color that suits the shape of the car, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Does a +3 rear seat count towards the minimum requirement for 5 seats, or must the rear row have 3 full-sized seats? Especially since not all bodies in the required wheelbase range have provision for the latter setup.

+size seats are allowed

Thanks for clarifying. However, +3 rear seats come with a comfort and practicality penalty (although they weigh less than full-size seats), so it’s up to the entrants to decide whether or not to fit them.

Is it only models classified as hatches in automation?

Since it mentions sedans in the brief I’d imagine it’s all on the contestant to make it work. I honestly have no clue, though.


After examining the brief, I’m sure our client would want a hatchback, liftback, sedan, or wagon (yes, there are examples of the latter two in the real life B-segment market), but not an SUV/crossover in that size.

Anyone interested in a collab? I’m better at engineering, but I can also do design if that’s what you need.

2009 Yamaguchi Miyagi Privilege

Yes, it is an older model, but the facelift is extensive, making sure it isnt left behind by the competition. Excellent practicality, proven reliability and surprising comfort for a low price - the Miyagi shouldn´t be overlooked when buying a city car.


I suck at engineering, so I would be down to collab.

Entries are OPEN!