CSR161 - With an Attitude [OPEN]

I think at that point, you’d want a minimum of four full seats, if only because that’s at least three other big guys and their gimmicks.

I’m also trying to revise a different build of mine to fit the contest, but I’m down for helping out with the visual design.

So far I’ve felt fairly confident about the idea of a revised version of my QFC23 entry, decontented to fit this new ruleset (and powered by a 4.0L V8 instead of the original 6.0L V12 to save costs). It may not be as reliable as my smaller I6-powered test mule, but it’s far more comfortable (and even more prestigious, to boot), while also being safer (in part due to its larger size).

Seems quite promising. A few aesthetic touch ups, and it could absolutely contend in this challenge

Meanwhile I’ve been trying to figure out how to fit a plush Legacy/Galant VR4 into a $28k amu hole without minmaxing quality

So far, with the edits I’ve done, it has the aesthetics and wheel sizes covered, plus a fully detailed interior that includes a working BeamNG dashboard. Though I am kinda tempted to ditch that approach.

The time has come; Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the main event.

Are you ready?

I said…


Then, for the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the globe…



Zephorus Racing Design

Zephorus KSL

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Actual model may change in final submission.

1993 AMS Ventnor V8 Prime

All the full-sized luxury car you will ever need, starting for just $28k AMU.

A silky-smooth 280-bhp 4.0L V8 and 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission provide ample power and torque in all driving conditions, allowing you to keep pace with traffic from the city to the highway and back.

Comfort-tuned 4-wheel fully independent suspension and ABS-assisted vented disc brakes ensure the occupants enjoy the utmost ride quality on any road, without any noticeable compromises in handling or braking.

A high-quality luxury interior and stereo system (complete with cassette tape and CD players) give you all the creature comforts you could want, along with dual front airbags for improved safety in the event of an accident.


What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest dealership to find out - book a test drive today!


1993 Cavaliere Nobile Arco B6SE

You want an european sport sedan, but you can´t quite get rid of your traditional taste for a domestic sofa?
In this case, the Cavaliere Nobile Arco is your car!

Developed in Italy, it is as fun and nimble as a car of it´s class can be. For US habits, this might be a midsize, but with a very long wheelbase and short overhangs, we managed to provide limo-like interior space. The outside is reasonnably small, since Italian roads do not tend to be generous in space.

Power comes from a six-cylinder, and the B6SE version might not be the fastest in the lineup, but it offers you the mid-trim engine with FULL OPTIONS. You read it right. Nothing is extra. Italians tend to be generous, in case you didn´t know yet.

Buy yourself some Dolce Vita and ask your Cavaliere Nobile dealer for a test drive.


Cavaliere Nobile. Cuore e mente.

YES. You see it right. Everything here is included in the $28.000 price.

@Texaslav I included an easter egg for you, let´s see if you find it, will send you the car soon (still fiddling a bit with the engine)


Here’s my first foray into proper Automation challenges. Sorry if it’s a bit messy.

In 1993, Chadroiler resurrects an icon with the release of the Binpeeler SS, a modern interpretation of the classic full-size American sedan. Rooted in the based heritage of the Binpeeler nameplate, the '93 Binpeeler SS stands out as a true embodiment of power, performance, and timeless style.

Underneath its sleek exterior design, the Binpeeler SS houses a formidable 5.7-liter LT-1 V8 engine, unleashing a staggering 285 horsepower and 355 lb-ft of torque. This powerhouse of an engine is paired with a smooth-shifting four-speed automatic transmission, delivering exhilarating acceleration and an unmistakable V8 rumble that echoes through the streets.

Beyond its raw performance, the Binpeeler SS boasts refined luxury and comfort features, making it a formidable contender amongst other premium sedans. Plush leather-appointed seating, dual-zone climate control, and a premium sound system ensures that every journey is a delight, whether cruising down the highway or navigating city streets.

And all, for only $22,600


Eagle-Saab hybrid jumpscare




Returning for 1993, Ascot Automotive presents the top of the Grenadier line: the HPD Grenadier. With only a naturally aspirated V6, paired to a highly advanced Automatic transmission, the HPD Grenadier achieves the perfect balance of comfort, performance, and practicality. And with a high fuel economy and reliable underpinnings, the HPD Grenadier can do it all.


This has been a joint effort between @xsneakyxsimx and @Rise_Comics
And holy fuck was CSS being a pain in the ass today.


The 400 LS, From Wells

Luxury, for you.


The 1993 Verdance MK.IV is Lakestar’s premier premium sedan from America. In this specification, the Argent-Prestige’s intended market is for affordable comfort, with higher performance.
The overall quality of the vehicle is affordable and still pretty high for it’s standards, with hydropneumatic suspension (a first for it’s target market/year), making this car notorious for extreme comfort.

However, aside from that very slight hint at performance mounted on the trunk, the average driver would overlook the Verdance’s powerful heart, a 4.8 Tauron C/A V8, making 304.9hp & 312.5lb-ft.
This means that the car, weighing 1756kg, is able to reach speeds just short of 270km/h and, to it’s intended destination quicker. All for a price of $24000 ($24k for short)!


The Marietta Alatus ZR is more than just cop brakes and cop shocks, the Alatus ZR is a true mix of luxury and performance that commands respect.

With a 5.7L V8 pushing 287 horsepower and an aggressive limited slip rear axle it’ll have no trouble getting you in trouble while also keeping you in comfort with its excellently equipped interior and reassuring suspension.

The Marietta Alatus ZR goes for AM$25,600.



The 1993 Strader 1000

With turbocharged torque with an i6 and super comfortable, double wishbone suspension, this top-of-the-line Strader is the perfect executive sedan.


(Collab entry made with gods greatest engineer @Tsundere-kun)


ADM - Tsarskiy (АДМ-Царский)

АДМ может быть хуже Лады, но кто сказал, что Лада - это хорошо

ADM more than just a car


Some lore

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, ADM, which had previously produced cars for high officials and the KGB, had to adapt to the new situation and create a car that could be sold in the west Tsarskiy - (Царский) was their first attempt to create a car that would provide a modern standard for the European and American market.