[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy

A little bit like an E-classified A-class, lol… :stuck_out_tongue: Interesting concept.

AWD, 290HP, 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds. 10,999$.

For all the cool cats out there.


That thing looks like the cat’s whiskers, with blistering performance to match.



A Doggo sharing a picture of cat food? Not sure I’m ready for such ground-breaking, cross-breed humour…

Well, guess one should think about two decades ahead of a Visa. Good thing I once rode in a cousin’s Saxo Cup (what VTSes were called in Portugal)…! :thinking:

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Great chassis, it just need an engine :thinking:

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And slightly more refinement. You can grab all the petite femmes with a cool-looking car, oui. But if you break their backs during the trip, there’ll be no treasure at the end of that rainbow… :rofl:

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In France Whamens aren’t working like this. In fact I don’t know how they work. They also don’t like car in majority.

you haven’t forgotten me have you?



It’s a good thing we’re designing a car for a proper dude, then. Otherwise all a French woman would ask for would probably be represented by a Renault Twingo I.

Cute and practical? Yes, but we wouldn’t be able to create fun and varied performance cars …!

That’s a bit sexist lol
I was joking btw, the mother of a good friend drives a porsche, some whamens likes car, but not the ones I frequent unfortunately :tired_face:

Well I actually like the Twingo, i didn’t mean to sound sexist. I know of cases of women who drive some fairly sporty cars. In fact, a former teacher of mine drives around in a Lancer Evolution VI!

Yet another badly built British sports car you may be asking?

Well yes, and well possibly (We’re still unsure on whether cutting the tea breaks was a good idea or not…). But it does have a 1.6 borrowed from a hot hatch, and some fog lights from some old french car… It has 2 seats and a sporty-ish name The SMR1600. Oh Yeah and it costs $9455

*Quality may vary as with all British cars


Mmhh… Cheaper then anybody but can’t go lower than 35.8 car ET. It will be for another time.

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Angelic Blue


Triple pipes?!?

Erm…marketing department says “Yes…Absolutely!!”

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Suicide doors?? on a sporty hatch back…

what about the rx8 :open_mouth:


True, and now I think there is also the old mini clubman, if you count the s model as sporty.