[CSR69]: A sports car for a French guy

The car shopping round 69 (ayykekmao69)

A sport car for a French guy

General CSR Rules
The last Round

Car example for this round

Here are a few example to help you for this round

And here are some example for your inspiration (they’re all from ±95):
VW Golf GTI 16V, Mazda MX-5, Nissan Sunny GTi-R, Citroën Saxo VTS, Subaru Impreza GT, Toyota Corolla Levin AE111…

The buyer

Say hello to Thomas. He’s a French guy of 22 years, also a car mechanic, and the most important: he saved money to buy a sports car!
He has his damn slow Jipot P3 diesel to go to work, and he really want a sports car for the week-ends, to hang out with his car guy friends, without having to ride as a passenger.

Thomas’s Jipot P3

What does he want? A sports car. Yeah but it’s vague, right?
He’s not really decided, he likes GTIs Hot hatches, light roadster, and sport sedan… But also he’s adamant with that:" I want a sports car yes, but first of all, I want a fun car, I don’t care about power, if the car is fun enough "

What are the advantage of every cars? let’s ask him:
“Hot hatches, because they are light, fun and it’s always useful to have more than 2 seats”
“Light roadster, because you know…Girls…Haha!” (yeah, this guy thinks he’ll pick up girls with a car)
“A sedan? Why not, I do not expect the same from a sedan, I would need more power if it’s heavier.”

Frank is his childhood friend, and he’s also here to advise him, and he always says: " Bro, seriously, you should take a Japanese car, you already know why."

They talk everyday about this car Thomas wants to buy, and when Frank ask him about which engine position he prefers: " Well, I don’t really care, but if the overall car is original, it’s a good point, why not a rear engine ? It could be cool, haha"
Frank: " A rear engine - facepalm - So, how much power do you want?"
Thomas:" Well, something between 130 and 200hp? actually if it’s light enough it doesn’t matter with something like 110hp, but not less. Power is good too haha"

To resume, the criteria will depend on the pedigree of the car:

  • A hot hatch must be light, fun with a decent power, and have a minimum of 4 seats. (or 2+2, he doesn’t care)
  • A roadster must be light too, of course fun, and no matter if it has 2 seats. But more are always welcome.
  • A Sedan should be heavier, so it need more power, and must be as fun as possible.
  • Whatever you build, the car must be fun anyway!

And I probably forgot to precise, but don’t forget Thomas thinks he will pick up girls with this car, so one of the main criteria is the design.

The restrictions

So that your car does not get eliminated from the start, this CSR has some basic criteria:

  • No minimum drivability, but the higher it is, the better it is.
  • A minimum of 30 Sportiness, important criteria.
  • A minimum of 15 comfort, less important.
  • A minimum of 35 safety, he doesn’t care about it, the law does.
  • 91 RON unleaded fuel only.
  • Since 1992 in France, Catalytic converters are obligatory.
  • Fuel economy just have to be under 12L/100kms.
  • Maximum price under $11 000 at 0%.
  • Service cost? Lower is better.
  • Model year from 1989 to 1995.
  • Trim year from 1995 only.
  • Engine year is for 1995 or older.
  • Maximum Car PU of 90, Engine PU of 55
  • Maximum Car ET of 35, Engine ET of 80
  • Maximum loundness of 45

The judging

No more hard rules, the rest will depend of the car you make:

  • The design: as I said before, it must looks cool.
  • The power: No need so much power if it’s light enough, but hp are always welcome.
  • The weight: Not so much, depend on what you build, but try to make it as light as possible, without compromise other criteria.
  • Reliability: He’s a car mechanic yes, but that’s not a reason, the more you have, is better.

Don’t forget what Thomas said about this, there is no a miraculous recipe, an heavy sedan, if well crafted, is better than a bad GTI.
Don’t try to hit the “Fun” or other market, I won’t judge this. (But consider you missed something if you hit offroad at 100)

The Naming Conventions

Car model name: CSR69 - < username >
Car Trim Name: Full name of the car
Engine Family Name: CSR69 - < username >
Engine Variant Name: Engine name or whatever


(Thanks to the Discord fagolas for the help and Vri404 for the grammar check)

PS: forgot to say, but like each CSR, to submit you have to post an ad of you car down here :wink: and send me your sub of course.


Are there any upper limits on production units and/or engineering time? Also, sub-11K without markups might not be enough, even though I haven’t built anything yet.

I’ve made some example in the game, normally 11k is enough.
And yup, forgot PU and ET, my bad :slight_smile:

From what I understand, does he want something like this?

Or this?


More like this

My bad, cab was for cabriolet, i changed it for roadster ^^


I added PU, ET and Loudness limit :wink:


1995 Morton Goldfinch 2.0i

Shown in Indigo Metallic (no-cost option)

Light, nimble and quick off the mark, this small entry-level mid-engined sports car from Morton Motors provides a spirited driving experience for just $10,937 (excluding markups). Standard equipment includes a driver’s side airbag, power steering, ABS, traction control and a 2.0-litre inline four developing 160 bhp on regular unleaded, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Options include a viscous limited-slip differential, 16-inch alloy wheels, full leather seats, a passenger airbag and an upgraded 4-speaker stereo with a CD player.


1995 Townsend Templar 1.9 VPi

Style. Performance. Templar doesn’t compromise.

With standard charcoal-trimmed 17" alloy wheels*, stand out from the crowd.
With 154 horsepower, leave the crowd in the dust.

Safety. Security. Templar will protect you.

Standard power steering and independent suspension keep you planted to the road.
Antilock brakes and a driver’s airbag stand by in case of trouble.

Value. Victory. It’s all within your reach.

Templar. From Townsend.

Drive one today.

(*) Features mentioned are standard on Templar 1.9 VPi. MSRP $10999 as shown.

Game price $10954 at 0%. Trim submitted is the 1.9 VPi. Color shown is Celestial Pearl.


Right, maybe this will be the fifth time I trot out the trusty Fore, this time the Gen 2 :joy:


Oh good, Strop’s here! We can all lose now! :joy:


Yup, we’re doomed, :laughing:


Pfft the Fore gen 2 has at best placed 2nd in any of its trims in everything it’s ever entered (three times!) So at least one of you won’t lose haha.


Oh, you guys are lucky. The Gunslinger is too expensive to just throw in here, so I have to get creative.


Zeta… :thinking:


1995 ERA (Enjoy Racing Automobiles) Maglev Turbo

Released in 1995, the ERA Maglev Turbo is the newest Cup Racer for the road from Enjoy Racing.

Produced for the ERA Cup series, the Maglev Turbo is a fun, light, and exciting car, for a small dent in your bank. Designed in the United States of America, and Produced in Japan, the Maglev is a fun, well rounded sportscar.

Expanding upon the 1990 Maglev, the Maglev Turbo features an entire redesign from front to back. It features an entirely steel monocoque chassis, a cassette tape (which can be removed upon request), and a sightly more comfortable suspension set up, over the Maglev Turbo Cup.

The All New Whiteout 100 Turbo sits at the core of the Maglev Turbo. It makes 108hp, features a well designed turbocharging system, and is quite reliable, too.

All of this can be had for Less than $11,000!

Priced at 10,877 @ 0% markup


Sinistra Motors, known for their longitudinal-FWD cars, created an experimental sports coupe. The Sunbolt uses the same 3 liter V6 that powers the 1994 Senator, and the same 5 speed manual gearbox used in that car’s base model. The big difference, however, is that the engine and transaxle were placed in the back. Careful tuning was done to ensure that while the playful and twitchy oversteer aren’t compromised, the car remains reasonably easy to control.


Dang… I really want to field an old-fashioned boxy hot hatch like the French cars I love (i.e. Citroën Visa GTI and Talbot Samba Rallye). But I fear they’ll look too outdated in the face of fancier coupés!

Can one be faithful to his “mistress” like this? :sweat_smile:


Thomas would probably like a saxo vts :thinking:

PS: I added more car example, if you’re out of inspiration :wink:


MY95 Bogliq Buttress Enthuse

A small performance car that is big on features!

  • 122Kw of power
  • 7.51 sec 0/100Km/h
  • 186Km/h top speed
  • Full four seat interior
  • 10.2L per 100Km
  • $880.30 annual service costs!

Total cost: $10,935 Driveaway!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


oh ffs, the body that I would ordinarily use for the Fore Gen.II isn’t in UE4 yet!

I’ll… come up with something else.