CSVExporter - Export your cars to CSV files!

Export your cars to CSV files!

The all new custom exporter allows you to export your beloved cars to a common CSV file!


If you have already used the BeamNG exporter the process should be familiar to you.

Select your car and go to the exporting page, select "csvExporter" in the top right corner, configure it to your likings and press export

The result will be exported to your Automation user directory, after the export a finished you will be prompted with an option to view the directory

There are several options you can configure in the exporter screen:

  • Car Name - The name of your car that will be displayed in the exported file(s)
  • File Name - Name of the file the data will be exported to. You can export several cars into the same file, to do that simply set this file name the same for all cars you wish to combine
  • Delimiter - The character(s) used to separate the keys and values. The default is “,” (comma)
  • Export Choices And Results Separately - If ticked, will export the engineering choices and the stats into separate files
  • Export Car and Engine Separately - If ticked, will export the car and the engine into separate files. This can be combined with the previous option to export 4 separate files
  • Cost preset - Selects a particular preset for calculating costs for the trim, the engine and the car as a whole, the input value must be a number from 0 to 13 (more information about presets below)

Cost calculator presets

Currently there are 14 presets in the cost calculator, ranging from 0 to 13

  1. Medium factory, cheap labor, medium automation, 2 shifts
  2. Large factory, cheap labor, medium automation, 2 shifts
  3. Medium factory, average labor, high automation, 2 shifts
  4. Medium factory, average labor, high automation, 3 shifts
  5. Small factory, average labor, medium automation, 2 shifts
  6. Small factory, cheap labor, medium automation, 3 shifts
  7. Tiny factory, cheap labor, no automation, 2 shifts
  8. Tiny factory, average labor, no automation, 2 shifts
  9. Tiny factory, expensive labor, no automation, 1 shift
  10. Medium factory, very cheap labor, low automation, 3 shifts
  11. Large factory, very cheap labor, low automation, 3 shifts
  12. Large factory, average labor, medium automation, 2 shifts
  13. Small factory, expensive labor, high automation, 2 shifts
  14. Tiny factory, expensive labor, high automation, 2 shifts


  • Download CSVExporter
  • Navigate to the Steam directory where your Automation is installed
  • Navigate further to Steam\steamapps\common\Automation\UE427\AutomationGame\Content\ExportPlugins
  • Put the DLL files into this directory

If you would like to contribute to the development of csvExporter you can do so on the GitHub repository


This is awesome, now I need to learn how to import this to my tracker. This will save 7-8 min per car


Just a quick guide on how to set up an Excel sheet so it automatically combines statistics from a bunch of CSVs:

  1. Read the part of the instructions in the topic that tells you how:


Big props for making this tool! It’s been a huge help.

The Dumb, Hard Way
  1. Create a folder named anything you like.

  2. Inside, create an Excel sheet and another folder (again, both named anything you like.) This second folder will hold your CSV files.

  3. Put exported CSVs into your CSV folder.

  4. Open your Excel sheet. In Excel, navigate to Data > Get Data > From File > From Folder.

  5. Find the folder with your CSVs. Select that folder, then click Open.

  6. Verify that the files you want are shown on-screen. If so, go to Combine > Combine & Load and click.

  7. On the next screen, click OK.

  8. Voila! Your sheet now contains all sorts of data.

Optional Steps:

  • Hide or delete columns that you don’t think will be relevant
    At present, this sheet probably contains lots of data that you don’t really care about. You can either hide columns by selecting them by clicking and dragging on the column bars, right clicking, and clicking “hide.” You can also delete them altogether the same way.

  • Freeze panes with important information
    You can keep important info (like car names and column labels) “pinned” to the top or side of the screen using the Freeze Panes option under View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes.

  1. Figure out which columns and rows you want to “pin” to the top and left sides of the screen. For example, let’s say we want to keep the first two columns and the first row.
  2. Select the top-rightmost cell that is not inside the area you want to freeze. In this case, that’s the cell in the third column and second row.
  3. Click View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes.

  • Refresh to add new data.
    You may want to add in new CSV files later. In that case, go to the Query tab and click Refresh.

    The new data should show up in your sheet.

Hope this helps!


Super handy tool, thank you so much for this!!

I did find a bug in the export - the Entertainment column listed Standard CD as Luxury CD - all those in green are actually Standard CD in automation.


Not sure if the right place to report it.


A new version of the exporter is now available

The release files have now been moved to GitHub releases

Source code is now available on GitHub as well to allow community contributions


Really glad to see this all open sourced! Should allow for more development of user exporters, between this and the SDK provided by Camshaft (which, I’ll admit, I never saw).


like karhgath said, not sure if this is a good place to paste bug reports - but the Model Name column currently exports the trim name. Also, is there any way we can get the stress thresholds for pistons, or are we stuck with the “engine explodes after one crank” thresholds?

Small bug report: The exporter throws errors if the car name ends with a space

Version 5 released

  • Added export parameter saving
  • Added car cost approximation with production presets
  • Fixed issues caused by car names ending with whitespaces

Version 5 update released!

  • Added preset choice saving
  • Fixed checkbox saving working incorrectly
  • Improved whitespace handling