Cult of Personality [LORE] [FINAL RESULTS]

Howdy ladies and gents.

I’ve now settled (more or less) into my new schedule, and have a bit of time on my hands to run a little something here. I’ve got an idea for an ongoing, light-hearted competition here. Tell me what you think, and I might just put it into motion soon.

It’s undeniable that people of all stripes and backgrounds have a connection with cars, be it the backyard shadetree mechanic, the teenager browsing the internet (or magazines, back in the day) for photos of their favorite cool ride, or even that dude who is going through a mid-life crisis who wants a little nostalgia.

We also all know that one size most definitely does not fit all. While a '69 Camaro Z28 may be one person’s idea of heaven, another may not be impressed, instead preferring the simplicity and longevity of an old Ford truck, or even the quirkiness of a KP62 Starlet.

There is room under the sun for everyone. So here’s what I’d like to do:

People can submit cars to me, as well as posting an ad (period correct is preferable), and possibly a blurb about the car’s design and history. I will then take the cars, look at them, and write a short car-culture review. Your entry will then be assigned to a car culture group by me, and then ranked within that group. I will make a wide variety available, including both “mainstream” and “counter-culture” groups. Where you land may or may not be where you intended them to go. But that’s also the beauty and the nature of car culture. You don’t know where the next true classic comes from, nor when your car will gain a cult following.

This competition is for Automation Lore vehicles. They can be existing lore that you submit and pitch, or they can be new lore, for fleshing out companies and lines that don’t have as much depth yet as their owners would like.

Once submitted, your vehicle(s) will be analyzed and placed into one or more of the following categories, then ranked among the active models in that category:

Mainstream Culture - Muscle/Pony Cars - The favorite muscle and/or pony cars of the era. Real life example: Mustang. Automation example: LMC Seabeast.
Mainstream Culture - Classic Cars - The favorite classic family and cruising cars of the era. RL example: Bel Air, Impala. Automation: Ardent Chesapeake.
Mainstream Culture - Hot Rods and Sports Cars - The favorite sports cars of the era, as well as the most popular cars for turning into hot rods. Examples: Corvette (sports), Chevelle (Rods). Automation: Keika Katana.
Mainstream Culture - Retro Motorsports - The favorite cars of the era that made a surprising splash in motorsports. Example: Datsun 510. Automation: Bogliq Mutineer.
Mainstream Culture - Drift - The favorite cars that have been converted to use as drift monsters. Examples: 240SX, AE86. Automation: Caliban Thunder Infinity.
Mainstream Culture - RestoMod - The favorite cars that people like doing RestoMods on, including lowriders and off-road legends. Example: El Camino, Ford F100, Jeep CJ-5. Automation: Ardent Huron, Rado Adventure.
Counter Culture - Spiritual Classics - The cars of the era that made a huge impact for spiritual counter culture. Example: Volkswagen Bus. Automation: Ardent Sentinel Mk.3
Counter Culture - Motor Sport - Cars which, while not high profile motorsports cars, are sometimes used impressively in motorsport by those who elect to use something unexpected. Example: AMC Gremlin. Automation: Epoch M10 A1500s.
Counter Culture - Classics - Cars which are sought after for restoration as an alternative to high-priced mainstream classic cars. Example: Toyota Corona. Automation: Everette Ellston R6.
Counter Culture - Import/Export - Cars which are either sought for importation into the USA market, or exportation from the US to other countries. Example: Nissan Skyline. Automation: Suzume Hosho.
Counter Culture - Jalopy Culture - Cars that are sought after for their sheer durability or capability, left in unrestored condition, and either shown or used in events. Example: Most old Domestic trucks, Honda CR-X. Automation: Deer and Hunt Fallow, Sakura Ronin ES-T.

This analysis will be done through the lens of classic car cultures as seen in the late 2010’s, 30 or more years after the vehicles’ original design. You may be surprised by where they land. Bear in mind that’s actually normal; a car’s use 30 years after its design may be very different than the manufacturer’s original intent at initial design.

Guidelines and Submission

Model and trim year: No earlier than 1956, no later than 1989 (they don’t have to match)
Engine family and variant year: No later than 1989, and no newer than the model trim year (again, no need to match)
Banned materials/selections: Full aluminum bodies, fiberglass bodies, space frame chassis, carbon fiber ANYTHING, V16’s, Ultimate Unleaded fuel
Other restrictions: Vehicles with a trim year of 1974 or later must also have an engine with a variant year of 1974 or later. All 1974 or later vehicles must use an unleaded fuel. EXCEPTION: If you designate your vehicle as never having been sold in North America, you may continue to use leaded from 1974 until your country’s conversion year. However, you MUST specify this in your submission, and you will ONLY be eligible for the import/export category.

We’re not building exotics here (hence the body/chassis restrictions), I also don’t have the ability to take V16’s. And the engine restrictions are there because I want to see the engine that originally came in the car. While swaps are common, particularly for the MoSport types, that’s more of flavor text and lore than the actual car file. (If you think a swap might be common, let me know what model(s) of engine can fit in the bay from your lineup in your PM) Also, if you have to play with technicalities and loopholes to submit your car, your car probably violates the spirit of this competition, and you should think about submitting something else.

I will be doing analyses and writeups on a weekly basis. Each user may submit one vehicle per week. There are no weekly themes, all processing will be added to and modify existing rankings. You don’t all need to suddenly submit on a Wednesday night; take your time, think, submit what you feel like having reviewed rather than what you think I want to review.

Please submit the .car file you want me to review via PM with the following naming structure:
Car model: Cult-(username)
Car trim: (full manufacturer, model, and trim name)
Engine family: Cult-(username)
Engine variant: (engine id code or name)

Please post an ad and/or picture, and maybe a little blurb about the production or development history of the model.

At this time, there is no overall deadline or competition end date. I will process entries every Thursday around 11pm UTC (3pm Pacific time)

Categories and FINAL Rankings

Mainstream Culture - Muscle/Pony Cars
1971 Bogliq Maverick AE
1965 Vega Alameda 389
1973 Sinistra Savage 662 MCI
1972 Birmingham Brickham GSX
1985 Morton Corsair III 5.0
1970 Denver SPX
1982 CMV M48 R
1967 Lavache Ramjet W410R
1977 Epoch M20 Falconeer GT8
1969 Vega Saetta 220 EM
1965 Meijer Hellfire V12 GT
1968 Jaffil Hercules
1977 Dixiecar Strength 169

Mainstream Culture - Classic Cars
1978 AEKI Skeva Turbo
1961 Epoch M20 S2600
1985 TSR Mont Royale Turbo R
1984 Rennen Angeles MT-R
1987 Oldman Darwin GL
1976 IP Freeway Star 1300 Astro
1976 Jager Mirage SE 335
1982 Bogliq Celestial 2000LT
1962 Stark Turion A270

Mainstream Culture - Hot Rods and Sports Cars
1989 Lagau M12iiT
1979 Rutherford Martlet T
1987 Genra GXM Turbo
1988 Atera Zeta Sport
1975 TSR Comet Turbo
1980 Retro Age Motors F4FC
1973 Pfeil-Hunsrueck Base
1987 Lagau APG N
1968 IP Flaire II 2600 GTV6
1983 Yotata Grand Colorado V8
1985 TSR Comet Turbo 2 RS

Mainstream Culture - Retro Motor Sports
1982 CMV M48 R
1986 LHE Satalite Mk3 X4RS
1988 SBA Gracelet 2.0 Ti Integral
1986 Triton Lexion T-RS Turbo
1987 Genra GXM Turbo
1981 Besffusci Fidenze RS TT
1984 Rennen Angeles MT-R
1986 Hugi Legero Mk1.5 TRX
1983 Epoch M20 Falconeer GT6
1978 AEKI Skeva Turbo
1985 Mitsushita Kuruan G-Lusso

Mainstream Culture - Drift
1986 Neko CX-1 (Base)
1987 Meijer Asaha Ittei-DM44
1970 Bramble Procida Five
1985 Mitsushita Kuruan G-Lusso

Mainstream Culture - RestoMod
1969 Epoch M40
1973 RAM Marova X 333 Cammer
1987 Deer and Hunt Fallow Rut
1980 Arai Starling Gti
1972 Epoch M30 Regalis
1959 PMI Usurper Cannes

Counter Culture - Spiritual Classics
1971 Bogliq Fanatic Engage
1981 Sakura Starfire Tz
1960 Franklin Passenger 1600E
1977 Atera Atom SC
1984 Shromet Radiant
1989 Accursio Marinus
1970 Sakura Duchess (D30)
1982 Rado Adventure 140 Turbo
1966 SEAB Typ 171
1983 Yotata Grand Colorado V8
1974 G&W Seax 2700 L
1970 Bramble Procida Five

Counter Culture - Motor Sport
1957 Birmingham Renton 1500 Tourer
1965 Rutherford Sparra 1
1959 Epoch M10 A1500
1970 Mitsushita Kitty 100GT
1982 Bogliq Celestial 2000LT
1976 Jager Mirage SE 335
1973 Mouton Premier 1100 R
1980 Arai Starling Gti
1974 G&W Seax 2700 L
1975 Meijer Monte Carlo Turbo
1977 Atera Atom SC
1985 G&W Stamford Interceptor 2.2 M

Counter Culture - Classics
1966 Estrada Citadel Mk.1
1988 Barricada Navetta S25
1976 Kingston Vagant II 2300
1976 Saint 300W
1971 Bogliq Kitten Si
1960 IP Icarus Mk.1 2500
1980 Bopas Tachanka
1973 ACA 300
1973 RAM Marova X
1978 Denver Quest Coupe
1971 Benson Bayside Special
1975 Seppa 2000 Deluxe
1972 Sakura Asura Roadman V8
1961 Anhultz Minimas Concept
1978 Diamond Bureau Coupe
1969 Rado Communt 67 Standard

Counter Culture - Import/Export
1960 IP Brigadier (Army Spec)
1983 Matteo Miglia Legatus
1988 PMI Hajimeru Katei 1.3 Turbo
1978 AM Talon 2T
1988 Contendiente Lince Copa
1986 SBA Gracelet Mk.3
1959 Epoch M10 A1300 Trayback
1987 Meijer Asaha Ittei-DM44
1970 IP Colibri Mk1
1981 Monolith A480DLS Permanent
1973 Velkolepy Popular
1973 DAAG G11
1966 Vincent Meteor Mk.2 3500p
1981 Lagau M12-GT
1989 Brickfields Razak
1971 Bogliq Mackaw Touring

Counter Culture - Jalopy Culture
1971 Bogliq Fanatic Engage
1989 Proletariat Marmot 77T
1976 Saint Hawk 190
1983 Conte Estrato Copa
1982 BDM Aquila
1987 Deer and Hunt Fallow Rut
1982 Rado Adventure 140 Turbo
1977 Dixiecar Strength 169
1972 Sakura Asura Roadman V8
1980 Bopas Tachanka


Looks interesting to me

When dealing with an umbrella of topics so close to people’s hearts, and with everybody having a different idea about what their culture means to them, this will likely become very controversial very quickly. How confident are you that you’ll be able to discern the automotive intentions of every user that submits and how do you plan to manage objections and rebuttals?


Both very valid points.

As far as intentions, to me it’s pretty simple: While often manufacturers hit their intended goal/market, sometimes they fail, or are surprised by another market. It’s just something that happens. Also, this is a retrospective, set in modern times, looking back on cars 20, 30, or even more years in the past. The original intent more than likely has run its original intended course, and the used cars have found a new calling. Take for example the AE86. It was an economy car back in the day, with some trims having a sporty bent. Now it’s a golden child of the drift scene which, I’m fairly certain, Toyota did not purposefully design it to be back in the day.

As for objections or rebuttals, I’ll have to think about that for a bit. Maybe if I teamed with one or two other users who have been around a long time and would be amenable to acting as a check/arbiter in those cases?


I’d almost be tempted to open the floor to other veterans here at this juncture to see what they might recommend. There are pros and cons to having a panel approach. Everyone has their own expertise and personality but depending on how many people or who you use that may involve expanding the logistics and also the risk of turning the whole thing into an even bigger dumpster fire.

Or, if you think glass half-full, pure :popcorn: material.



“Let the shitpost roll” vs. “It’s just a game, folks, relax”…



Sounds good! In this case it’d be a more subjective approach so I guess seeing what our cars could be considered after years or decades could be an interesting read :smiley:


I know I only speak for myself, but I love the idea and would actually be keen to see what others think of some of my cars, and what they imagine up - warts and all!


Automation made cars or real ones? Or both, to show similarity?

You’ve always had what I’ve viewed as a level headed approach to reviews in the past, and you’ve had interesting ideas on looking forward to what the future entails. I feel it would be more than appropriate for you to take a crack at gauging a vehicle submission on its merits, and attempt to forge a history for the vehicle going forward on big, or little a splash it leaves on its target demograph, and others. I do not envy the amount of work you may be signing yourself up for, but I find the whole prospect promising.

Perhaps start off the project with a loose theme, and work on expanding from that idea?

You have my attention.


I do like the idea of this, I’ll let it start up and stirr for a little while to see what happens before putting in some if my cars though.

Knew I was forgetting something. This is for Automation Lore cars. Like Generations, I’d like this to be an exercise in either pitching existing lore, or building new company lore for people whose lore is a bit sparse.


Count me in!

I would like to take part, mainly because I have three car companies but have not posted any lore at all …and to see how others categorize what I make beyond the way automation does.

I’d be interested too, be it as a reviewer or just as someone who posts their cars here. I have recently revived my design thread after not being active on the new forums at all, but I’ve been playing the whole time. Would love to see how other people think of my newer creations


ye know what, I’ve changed my mind, i’m in. mainly because I wanna see if some of my crazy designs can cut it against actually serious cars.

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I’m in, especially because I missed out on Generations. But yes, this sounds good!

Hokey dokey, I’ve updated the OP with guidelines and examples. Let the floodgates open! Or something.


This is the original ad for the 1965 Vega Alameda, with the 389ci engine option (6.3L). While it was advertised as a 350hp engine, the real horsepower rating is roughly 300hp net, which still made it quite fast back in the day. The Vega Alameda was Vega’s early foray in the muscle car market. While they would soon also have the smaller Saetta to cover the pure performance segment of the muscle car market, the Alameda tried to combine the best elements from luxury coupés and muscle cars, creating a luxury muscle car, complete with wide bias-ply tyres.

The Vega Alameda also had some representation in motorsports, most importantly in ASCAR in 1966 and 1967, driven by a driver nicknamed ‘Coyote Jim’.

(OOC: I think this is gonna end up in the muscle category, but let’s see how it does!)


So, do I understand this right, the vehicle has to be introduced before 1956? Translated to real life it would mean that you could not enter a 1968 VW Beetle since the model itself is older than 1956? Just asking to be sure, not to complain in any way…