Custom Launch control RPM in exported cars

Hello, I have finally found a way how to add two step launch control to automation exported cars.
If anyone is interested I will make a video or image tutorial :slight_smile:

cheers, Tom

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Very interested! Please post!

I am making a yt tutorial on that, I will post it here. If its against self promotion rules then Ill make a image tutorial or Ill pm you guys.

here is the link

Great job sir! Thanks for sharing!

Is there a way to make the launch rpm’s adjustable from within BeamNG’s vehicle settings UI? So for instance, in the same place you’d change tire pressure or fuel amount, if you could figure out a way to adjust the RPM steps inside Beam that’d be a dream come true!

This is still a great workaround though, so thanks again!


go through the game settings, you can have hotkeys for controlling the launch control. By default the are turned off.


I did somethingike that b4, and it worked alot better, I was able to hold brake and it would work like real, but I think beam ng changed to where if u hold the brake at stop it doesn’t work