Cyberpunk car details

Took a bunch of screenshots of details of my favorite car from CP2077, the Thorton Galena, both from the jalopy version you start the nomad path and the civilian version, for basing our designs. I’ll even use it for making some of the 3D printed parts for my car.


Nice reference material!

What specs you got?

Borrowed a notebook that actually runs the game for playing a little. My pc will need some heavy upgrades to run this one.

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Got a new car, took more pics, changed the name of the topic. Im trying to rip the textures from the game, as theres some of the car details as decals, and I have a printer capable of making stickers out of them.


Anyone here good with turning images into vectors? Got the decals.


Got to drive a Delamain, the games cab. Heres some more interesting details. How long till some modder make this game`s warning labels as decals?


One mission prompted me to drive a pristine Galena, so here`s some more details.

Quickly called mine to take comparisson shots before the npcs drove away. It spawned heavily damaged witch made it even funnier


You have this sedan at the start of the game, but it gets damaged and you have to wait for it to be fixed. Not that interesting in detailing, the coolest part is the dash.


It’s also front wheel drive, funky handling, I quickly moved onto Jackie’s bike when I got it :eyes:

Of everyone here, I really hope this game inpires you, personally. Let`s see what can you come up with.

Some random shots.

Never`d guessed one of the most detailed vehicles would be a bus.

Captured some details of Jhonnys 911 that didnt appeared all that well on the official pics. Really considering making this front box for my car. Just have to find a use for it. Or not.


A lot of jalopies with solar panels. I wonder why, they aren`t electric.

Finished my nomad playthrough, started a corpo, and went straight to get the car that started it all.

The upper end cars like this one doesn`t have a lot of usefull details to us. Main one is that the headlight is a LED strip on the grille, the slots over it are intakes.

I want this thing in real life!

Aaaand it`s finished.


The good news: I was able to access the meshes from the game, and they’re really well detailed, ripe for printing.
The bad news: No parent family, each part is a different mesh. I’m screwd.

Say what you want me to try to find here, I’ll give it my best shot.


The only interesting part of a luxury sedan I`ve found.

Some more details of the Turbo-R

And some from the Type-66 Cthulu

I`ve managed to rip some decals from the game, will post soon.


More than anything else in Cyberpunk 2077, the Quadra Turbo-R and Cthulu are striking enough inside and out to remind me of a spaceship - but I can also some 70s/80s Ferrari or Lambo influence in the former, while the latter is effectively an answer to the question, “What if Chrysler made a Charger Daytona/Plymouth Superbird in the 2070s?”

Anyway, these two are among my favorites from that game - but the futurized 911 comes very close.

To me the Turbo R is the answer to: What if a Testarossa rear ended a Pantera so hard they fused together?


straight outta mad max

borrowed car

anti-borrowing device

her dash is amazing. plus big red button.


Night ride


A view few players appreciate before acting

Trunk of the Type 66. With something special inside. This naca ducts on the sides are useless, but sooo cool!

See that little black box over there? Imma print it. Dont know for what, but I`ll.

My car is the red one over there!

Something cool I`ve noticed. this red MaiMai is a facelifted model, the only one in the game. This blue is how they spawn in traffic.

I think it`s a Gallo 24, what you think?

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