Cynikal Motors: 2013 Bullet

I present to you, the 2013, Cynikal Motors… Bullet!

It features a very sleek, aerodynamic design that is housing a 275CI Bullet Series V8 engine putting out 613ft-lbs of torque, and 510 hp!

This is our base sports model.

Thy Engine:

The Car:

Your fuel octane is WAY too low. Use the that margin to raise the compression ratio/ignition timing. This way, you’ll get better efficiency (your engine isn’t very efficient) and power. Also, your man hours are astonishingly high. 2000 man hours at like 20$/hour is 40 000$ just for the labor on the engine… And that means a single man working on your engine would need a complete year to a single one.

Pretty sure those are bugs, as I remember before I saved it, the Octane was at 91 something.