Dagel Premium Motor

Dagel Premium Motor or “DPM”, for its acronym, is a premium automobile brand that was created as a division of the European manufacturer Rigel in 1998. It is characterized by using an innovative design and a premium cut to all its models, which will want to rival in the European market with BMW, Audi and Mercedes, on the other hand, in the United States with brands as prestigious as Cadillac.

Origin of the company

In the mid-90s, the top and the president of Rigel Motor wanted to begin the development of future projects on vehicles with a more premium cut and that could be sold both in the old continent and in the new one. The Rigel company under its slogan “family cars at family prices” did not seem the best alternative, the conversion of Rigel into a higher category brand did not like managers and shareholders. Due to the above and after the union in 1996 with Performance, it was decided to create an investment project that would result in Dagel Premium Motor in 1998. The subsidiary where Rigel Motor will maintain majority control and more than 55% of the company’s shares, the rest will be divided into smaller companies in the automotive sector that want to have premium vehicles but do not have the resources or technology. In this way, a small group of automobile companies, added to the economic power of American investors, created Dagel Premium Motor based in Canada.

Mission and vision.

The company currently proposes a series of premium cut models at a contained price for the medium-high pocket of American and European inhabitants.

We want to become the leading company in high-end vehicles and have an international presence reaching audiences of all ages, ethnicities, genders, etc…

Current projects

Currently, Dagel has been developing several projects simultaneously for three years, which will see the light of day in the coming years. All these new cars will be of a premium or high-end cut and will complement the existing offer by the Spanish brand Rigel, but there will never be cannibalization of sales since they will be located in different areas of the same market, the automotive sector.

Dagel DX-6: the risky bet for the year 2000 to propose a vehicle with off-road capabilities, but that expresses all the sportiness and power to be able to compete against the BMW X5 or the Mercedes Ml. This project has started from the design and manufacture of a completely new and surprising chassis, high-performance Performance engines and luxury interiors.

At the same time, the arrival in Europe in the coming years of a supercar that competes against models and brands as classic as Lamborghini or Ferrari is being prepared.

Infrastructures and factories

Dagel Premium Motor will be integrated into the new group called Rigel group, this will bring together different brands and is currently made up of Rigel Motor, BlueStar Inc and Dagel Premium Motor.

Daguel will manufacture the models, which it will present in these years, in Ontario, Canada. The manufacturing will be in charge of the RMMC industries that are part of the group of minority shareholders of the Rigel group and specifically part of the shareholders of Dagel Premium Motor and BlueStar Inc. This group helped in the beginnings of the company BlueStar Inc and a large part of the Decisions will be made in Ontario, Canada.


A logical step since Rigel gained the experience and techpool for such adventures. Now that’s increasing the pressure on Primus, which at the end of the 90s focussed on their premium reputation.

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It seemed inevitable that Dagel would be established as Rigel’s upmarket arm, and they’re off to a flying start by the look of things.

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We wanted to create higher quality products, it is complicated since our cars have reasonable prices and are focused on a more everyday public. This challenge is very appealing and it will be very interesting to see models that compete in the same premium markets, greetings friend!

Thanks for the comment mate! We want to expand markets, we are considering several models, I hope the end result pleases the public.

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Today we’re previewing the Dagel DX6, the first model in the premium branch of Rigel. Dagel breaks ground in the premium market with a new vehicle concept to kick off the new millennium. We are ending 1999 when the DX6 is presented, it is a voluminous vehicle of 4.5 meters that is placed in the category of sports SUVs, they will come to the market with up to three different trims, being able to notice 5-cylinder in-line engines, V6 and V8 plus a diesel engine


DAGEL DX6 (1999/2000)

The Dagel DX6 is a premium cut sports utility vehicle, it is in the SUV segment and will be sold in Europe and the United States. Great competitors can be the Mercedes ML or the BMW X5. It is the first vehicle of Rigel’s premium sub-brand and will be presented to the market with three different equipment versions.

Its design is the product of the collaboration of different studies and teams, which have focused on finding a vehicle with a robust and sporty appearance that meets the demands of a public that is looking for versatile high-end cars. It will be manufactured in Ontario, Canada, and will be made available to the public at Rigel dealers in the Americas and Europe in late 1999.

Main features

  • Sporting inspiration, the conception of the Dx6 has been carried out under the magnifying glass of sportsmanship and sensation when cornering, a vehicle with suspensions prepared to give everything and seek sensations to the limit. Being able to culminate with V8 models and four-wheel drive.

  • Refined design and to the taste of the European consumer, always looking for perfection in its lines with a reduced aerodynamic coefficient and with different aesthetic packs, depending on the version chosen.

  • Interior with Comfort-Relax seats designed for maximum driving pleasure and with up to three memory positions. In the V8 version, the model will have highly ergonomic sports bucket seats that accommodate the body of its occupants.

  • The engines have been specially thought out and designed for this model, being able to count on 5-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, V6 and V8, thus completing a range of high-power and performance engines. They will not let their size or weight be a problem when it comes to moving in an agile and sporty way.

Versions, equipment and engines

X-Line: we start with the X-Line version that combines driving comfort and a robust 4x4 appearance, but challenging on the road. This version has ABS, stability control, cruise control, rain sensor and, among other things, two front airbags and two curtain ones. Comfort and safety is the standard of the X-line version.

X-Line diesel: 2.5 liters, 5 cylinders and 215hp. A price of €22,569.27
X-Line gasoline: 2.5 liters, 5 cylinders and 224 horsepower for €22,670.03

Luxury: the luxury version is the top of the range of dynamism and expression of good taste, its leather and wood interior enhance a Premium character, it is accompanied by additional elements such as a full sunroof or rear parking sensors. This version will have four-wheel drive (AWD) and always with a 70% distribution on its rear axle for greater sportiness and driving sensation.

Luxury gasoline: 2.5 liters, 5 cylinders and 224 horsepower for €24,785.89
Luxury Diesel: 3.0 liters, V6 Diesel and 224hp for €25,793.45

Performance Line: the pinnacle of sportiness in a vehicle with high driving comfort, is summarized in the performance line version. Specially tuned for high-performance performance with a sport chassis, sport lowered suspension, larger-inch and larger tires, plus an exclusive interior. Its interior in mixed red leather with bucket seats, 3-spoke sports steering wheel. Added stability and traction control to master this beast that will exclusively mount a 300hp V8 gasoline engine.

Performan line: 4.5 liters, 300hp gasoline V8 and will be priced at $34,200 euros



The Dagel DX6 is now available at your nearest Rigel dealer!

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New Trims, engines and colors

After several consecutive quarters, the DX6 has been able to consolidate itself as the premium branch of the Spanish brand Rigel, being able to reach a correct level of sales at a European level and especially in Spain. In the United States and Canada it begins its market, but with weaker sales.
Now the DX6 is updated with new engines and the expansion of its range, thus completing a wide variety for audiences with different budgets, but who all have something in common, the need to drive a premium vehicle with everything they need.

The great innovations focus on the new aesthetic distribution of finishes and moldings that will visually differentiate the versions from each other. The most basic will mount black plastic moldings, the intermediate and high finishes aluminum and chrome moldings, and finally, the most radical version will mount details in metallic black.

The intermediate ranges are maintained by creating a version of access to the range called “Base” with Rigel’s new generation 1.8 gasoline and diesel engines, which are below 200 horsepower. The commitment to a segment of the population that leaves the middle class and begins to settle in more comfortable areas of an upper-middle class is interesting.

For the upper level it is modified in the “Performance Line” finish that will be renamed “Performance Line Miralles” with a limited edition that improves all aspects of the vehicle while maintaining the engine that provides more than 300 horsepower.

Versions, Engines and Prices

Base: The new entry-level vehicle with a lower price will be available as a premium vehicle for the more affordable pockets. A large, spacious and elegant car for a family of up to five members and will have a CD radio, cruise control, automatic wipers, two front airbags and two curtain airbags and, among other options, it will be available with Rigel 1.8 gasoline and diesel engines.

Price: 18.438,29 €

X Line: The version of access to the previous range becomes the average finish, placing alloy wheels and improving the previous package with an automatic light package as well as an interior with premium navigation and a sunroof. The Dagel engines provided by Performance will have a 2.5-liter 5-cylinder in gasoline and diesel versions that will produce 240 and 215 horsepower respectively.

Price: 22.569,27 €

Luxury: The top of the range in terms of elegance and comfort is called luxury and you can mount the previous engines by adding a high-performance diesel V6. The luxury completes its range with full four-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox as well as heated and electrically adjustable seats with memory.

Price: 25.793,45 €

Performance Line: the most extreme version with the special V8 engine of more than 300 horsepower, this special edition in blue and dark wheels is called “Miralles”, which will be available in a limited edition and will mount a new, more aggressive bumper, with new grooves ventilation and 20-inch wheels. Exclusive interior with blue and white sports bucket seats, plus a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with dual-clutch gearbox and paddle shifters.

Price: 35.264,48 €



The Dagel DX6 is now available at your nearest Rigel dealer!

Ask without obligation and we will give you the best price.

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Introducing the revolutionary DC7 Cupe, where fun and elegance meet in a premium sporty design. Striking the perfect balance of power, style, and affordability, the DC7 Cupe is ready to hit the streets in the year 2000.

First impressions are everything, and the DC7 Cupe captivates at first glance with its streamlined design and sculpted lines. Its low profile and sleek silhouette make this sports car a true visual delight while cruising down the roads. The DC7 Coupe exudes personality and confidence, becoming the center of attention at every corner.

But it’s not just about appearances. The DC7 Cupe is equipped with powerful engines that will meet the expectations of performance enthusiasts. From a high-output gasoline engine to an optional hybrid powertrain, the DC7 Cupe offers a wide range of options to suit individual preferences. The roar of its engine when accelerating will make you feel the excitement and adrenaline on every trip.

In addition to its exceptional performance, safety is also a priority in the DC7 Cupe. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control and multiple airbags, this car provides peace of mind and protection for all passengers. A safe and exciting ride becomes a reality with the DC7 Cupe.

The interior of the DC7 Cupe is a true reflection of luxury and comfort. With high-quality leather sports seats and ergonomic design, every journey is a first-rate experience. The cabin is flooded with an exclusive atmosphere thanks to high-end materials and meticulous details. In addition, cutting-edge technology, such as the touchscreen infotainment system, ensures a seamless and connected driving experience.

But that is not all. Although you might expect a high price for this dream sports car, the DC7 Cupe surprises with a price point that makes it achievable for more car enthusiasts. Offering exceptional value without compromising quality and performance, this car is destined to break barriers and offer fun and elegance to all driving lovers.

In short, the DC7 Cupe is synonymous with emotion, style and elegance. With its powerful engines, impressive design and affordable price, this premium sports car is the perfect choice for those looking for an unforgettable 2000 driving experience. Prepare to dazzle on the roads as you indulge in driving pleasure with the DC7 Coupe.


DAGEL DC7 CUPE Versions and engines

The new DC7, a sports coupe from the 2000s, features three exciting versions to suit different driver profiles: the Base, the X-Line and the sporty luxury range. In all these versions, high-quality finishes have been applied and special attention has been paid to the interiors, offering striking and vibrant colours.

BASE: Starting with the Base version of the DC7, this model has elegant and sophisticated finishes. The exterior presents aerodynamic lines and modern details that highlight its sporty character. The interiors are upholstered in high-quality materials, including durable, soft-touch synthetic leather. The instrument panel is ergonomically designed, providing a comfortable and functional driving experience.

X-LINE: In the mid X-Line version of the DC7, even more luxury details and advanced technology have been added. The exterior features exclusive design elements such as high-end alloy wheels and a distinctive front grille. The interiors feature a genuine leather sports seating system, providing excellent lateral support when cornering and an even more pleasurable driving experience. In addition, the in-flight entertainment system includes a CD radio with high-resolution speakers and surround sound, making music and navigation effortless.

LUXURY: Finally, the high-end sports version of the DC7 takes the driving experience to the next level. With a more aggressive and sporty aesthetic, this model has exclusive elements, such as 4-wheel drive, a 6-speed automatic gearbox and a high-performance exhaust system. The interiors are designed with the speed enthusiast in mind, offering premium leather sport seats with contrasting stitching and fiber accents. In addition, the high-fidelity sound system offers an immersive acoustic experience, perfect for enjoying any type of music while driving.

In conclusion, the new DC7 car in its basic, medium and high-end sports versions offers a combination of elegance, quality, vibrant colors and advanced technology in all its finishes and interiors. This 2000s sports coupe is an ideal choice for those looking for an exciting, high-performance vehicle without compromising comfort and sophistication.



Dagel DC7 is now available at your nearest Rigel dealer!

Ask without obligation and we will give you the best price.

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