Decals blurring into car body

Hi guys, I’ve a minor problem with decals. I tried to follow the guidelines and looked for the chat, but apparently it doesn’t work.
Anyway, my decals keep blurring into the car body.

Here’s a picture

Did I set anything wrong? Or is it my potato PC that can’t cope with Automation graphics?
I think that’s the reason why, cause I own a 2015 HP laptop, which is barely able to run the game in superlow graphic settings…
That screenshot is taken in Medium settings.
Thank you in advance!

It’s the lines of the car pushing through. Decals are on a single plane and don’t deform around the body.

Thank you! Is there anything I can do to solve this problem? Because I saw some cars on the forum that work pretty fine with decals…

Here 1
And 2
And this one too

I don’t understand how they made them work…

I know when I did my BTCC car it was trial and error with positioning and resizing.

Resizing sometimes helps a lot.

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Usually moving them around carefully tends to remove most of the clipping. If it persists, use Negatape or Patchwork to remove the car body behind the decal

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I’ll give it a try! Thanks guys!