What’s the focus of this magazine?

Like car type?

I would like to know too, I would also offer to write some “long term test drive” type of articles off of the submissions if you want.

Yeah, you got say a focus on practical mass produced cars, sports cars, racing cars… a bit of everything…?

Basically I do a little bit of everything and also focus on the news on the automation website.

Show us what you can do, and I guaranteed the amount of supports will be immense.

When I am in process of making the magazine I will post a preview of the cover, but first I need some entries for the magazine.

This will be like Utopian’s magazine, I presume?

Yes it will be similer to his magazine. I might convert it into a downloadable PDF file too.

I have been able to find a proper magazine editor! Entries for my magazine start now! please try not to include mods in your cars, and make sure that your cars are the newest models (2015 or 2016).

I’d like to offer to write for your magazine.

Erm, this is the only example I have at the moment, it’s a continuation of a manga…

fanfiction.net/s/10488468/1 … fe-of-Kira

“try not to include mods”

… I would suggest at least allowing things in the Community Mod Pack, since they’re so common, and the mod pack is easily installed. Otherwise you’re going to severely limit design and probably off-put most people who would otherwise submit entries.

I agree with the above poster.

Also, scratch my previous post, I’m going to launch a COMPETITOR! And we will allow mods.

Sent in my Gunnar S/R manual version!

I have thought of making a new section: “The Aftermarket”. It is a showcase of new mods that you can find in the modding thread.

I have thought of adding a section into the magazine that takes a look back at the old days of cars. You can send in one of your old cars (1940-2000), and it will be show in the section of old cars.

I now need two cars that are very similar for a new section called “The Duel”. Most likely luxury cars or family cars. PM me if you want to be in the section!

UPDATE: I have started working hard on getting the magazine done. Expect the magazine to be published before April. Stay tuned! Not riced! :smiley:

New section, sort of. On the back cover there will be space for an advertisement so if anyone wants to show off their company contact me! make a picture that will showcase your car the way you want it, then send it to me! Remember the pages are tall and thin so make it so it fits in a space like that.