Demo Loading Screen Freezes

Hi the demo has been running fine for 2 days, and suddenly the game wont load and is stuck just before ( I think ) the rocker cover appears I’ve tried deleting all my saves but no help! Is it just taking so long because i am running with the graphics flat out>

Does it do the same thing on lower graphics settings too, or just when they’re all on high?

Ive noticed this at times too however i have one of the highest performing systems i know of and a overclocked i7 to 4.5 Mhz overclocked GPU and ive noticed that it never did this until the Update HOWEVER if you wait and or look at your HDD Light and notice how it seems to be constant motion maybe the game is asking for the same thing over and over… Idk but i never really had a issue except one time i noticed it made the menu background move slow but when i reloaded that went away… Idk it is a weird occurrence i get 100+ FPS in automation at max settings at 1920x1080

Huh, ok, that’s a bit odd. It will be related to framerate issues, but why it’s doing those breif hiccups on an otherwise fast PC I’m not sure… We shall see what we can find out.

Yeah it is wierd, im sure you guys will figure it out… all in all it doesn’t bother me one bit.