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So this idea has been boiling in my head for a while and I’ve been fleshing it out for a moment, because I don’t feel like going to the extremes with FAAL.

So there it is:

Derrickson. Founded in 1983 by Joseph Derrickson, son of a British mechanic who stayed in France after the war.
Joseph had been tinkering cars for a while with friends, building their own tubular chassis and modding existing engines, until they decided they wanted to actually do that for a living rather than on weekends.
By 1983, the Derrickson name was trademark’d. The plan was to get a contract with a car brand that would let them borrow their engines so they could ultimately build a kit car. If this was the ultimate goal, it was going to take a while to get there.

For the first few years, Derrickson was only an aftermarket parts manuacturers, as the contracts they had with the manufacturers weren’t going further than licensing.

Here’s an example with a Condimente Nontidonti Contendiente Enemigo S Tourer which is bearing:

  • a Derrickson aftermarket grille
  • Derrickson wide fenders flares
  • Derrickson front bumper with larger grilles and a bigger lip compared to the stock one

  • a Derrickson taillight bar

The car is shown on BBW BS wheels which aren’t made by Derrickson.

Here is another example with a Znopresk Zenit, which bears a longer list of mods as it was an official Derrickson show car:

  • A complete aftermarket bodykit including front and rear bumper along with wider fender flares similar to those on the Enemigo
  • Aftermarket quadruple round headlights
  • Aftermarket crystal blinkers and blinker repeaters
  • Aftermarket passenger front fender with air intake

  • Aftermarket plastic spoiler
  • Aftermarket cleared taillights w/ red blinkers and taillight bar
  • Aftermarket exhaust tip, which covers unseeable modifications such as:
  • full aftermarket single muffler stainless steel exhaust with TIG welded tubular stainless exhaust header
  • Double carb conversion kit meant for two original Znopresk carburators
    The mod was meant to fit every 1.4-2.0L carburated Zenit engines. Here in the 1.4 with the appropriate carb and ignition tune, it makes 75hp, or 20 more than the stock engine.

This was a summary of the catalog at start, in 1984. Of course more is to come, and I am open for suggestions. x)

Also big thanks to @Mr.Computah and @NormanVauxhall for letting me borrow their cars!


Awesome works!!!
I’m gonna send you some car from SBA’s overseas market operation unit. (real soon)

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Please take a look at BMC’s lineup and chose one vehicle, and we will happily send a unit to your workshop.

I am wondering how these Zenit front blinkers are made to wrap around the corner.

Since Derrickson moddded a Klinos, could they modify a luxury car for FaerGruber?

They could make it sportier, but as said, the Klinos Derrickson was an excuse to get a better score at CSR an experimentation. Hella expensive and long to build, hella expensive to make… They could do engine mods to one of your luxury cars though, provided they’re not über-ultra-exclusive and if they could have an engine you use in other cars :thinking:

Yeah I should get this topic up to date too at one point.

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