Desing Software

What are the programs used in the development of Automation?

Uhh… well lots of stuff for different tasks. But mostly 3ds Max and Photoshop for art.

Nice. 3d max is the best :smiley:. you should try Autodesk Inventor. Will make your work a lot easier and then export in Max , refine everything there.

Yeah, but then I’d have to learn inventor. Plus I’m not sure how the mesh structure would look coming out of inventor?

INventor works with solids mostly, but you can edit surfaces in max or inventor or autocad. Convert them to meshes with any number of vertexes you like.

Hi daffy! I want to send you a max file and ask for your opinion. where can i do that?
Sorry for posting here, but I can’t use the private messaging.

Could just post it as a forum attachment

it says i can’t attach a file with the max extension.

.zip it.

good idea. :smiley:
disk and piston.rar (1.07 MB)

Looks good. If i just could open the piston, and if disc hadn’t have like 52000 polies, i’d be impressed.

what polies? this were made in autocad 2013 and are solids. i am not so skilled with 3dsmax.i will post another version of the piston because they were saved in 3dsm2012.
If you want more stuff name a part you need and i will give it a shot.
piston D rawLOW.rar (295 KB)