DeSoto, alternate timeline

What if DeSoto never went into defunction?

This is the thread of Modern DeSoto:

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For the First Modern DeSoto:

2023 DeSoto Six:
The DeSoto Six was reintroduced as a Mid-Size Sedan for 2012. DeSoto introduced a new gen for it’s final 6 years for production, until it will become a EV Crossover.

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Not a bad start to the thread. In fact, it’s miles better than the contemporary Sebring/200 we got in real life.

Thanks!, it is more upclass from the Chrysler 200, and uses the same platform.

2023 DeSoto Powermaster:

The Powermaster was reintroduced for the 2023 Model year as a Compact Crossover. Another boring crossover that looks barely like it’s past shadow of a sedan. Powered by a 3.0 Liter Turbo-Charged Inline 5 ( a glitch in automation photoscene occurs where the car floats)

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