Diablo Raceway - Fantasy High-speed Roval

Here’s a fantasy track for you guys. Turns built like a Nascar oval (Turn 3 is an almost exact replica of Turns 1+2 at Daytona) but with a bit more varied layout. The corners can be taken at a very high rate of speed due to the banking.

With a fairly down-forcey car, typical speeds might be 125mph in turn 1, turn 2 without lifting, turn 3 at 200mph, and 4+5 at ~175. Peak speeds on the straights of 225+.

Setup for 2 laps…Sector 3 time is the entireiy of the second lap. Sector 1 is start through the exit of turn 3.
Diablo Raceway.zip (32 KB)

Nice Track. It’s very Fast, my BRC car cruised around the whole thing in 6th :slight_smile:

Great track for my Streamliner! :smiley: