"Diesel" engines by Highland Motors

2.0l R4

3.0l R5

4.2 V8

Is this in 4.1 or 4.2? Especially since I see no evidence of new features such as SmartBoost. The 4.2L V8 at the bottom, however, feels a bit odd with its 60-degree bank angle - a 90-degree angle would have been preferable for smoothness’ sake.

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I play via Steam, so it is probably the latest version. Yes, 90° would probably be more appropriate, but I wanted to make 60° ( I don´t even know why anymore, it´s an older project)

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I’m pretty sure it’s 4.1

It would be 4.1 because of 4.2 being an opt-in beta, not a stable update build

It’s an opt-in alpha, beta is the feature complete testing build.

Also yes the graph does look like its 4.1
Another way to figure out is the year on the top left, in 4.2 its coloured and editable with text whereas in 4.1 it’s not

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