Different fuel octanes in different markets

I was reading up on fuel octane and read that on different markets they have different octanes (what is more common in your country, probably isn’t in another).

Now I was wondering for the tycoon bit: What if you are based in Germany and you build engines that run on 95/98 RON, and you want to sell your cars in countries where it is far more common to have cars that run 85/90 RON (or at least a different number than in Germany), will this be taken into account into the game and thus the amount of sales for those cars in different markets?

I’m not sure if this goes ‘too deep’ into the matter, as you already have target groups, emissions and a wealth factor in the game probably, so how suitable and desirable is it to put this is the game to add just another layer of things to keep in mind when expanding to complete new territories and markets?

I think you should just develop a model for that market (different engine tune for meet RON requirements).

I don’t think it would be a fun game mechanic to get a big list of available DIFFERENT fuel octanes depending on country which you have to digest and revamp your engines for. It’s much more playable if all world uses the exact same fuel types but has different degrees of availability for them.

That’s what I was thinking Killrob. I just didn’t want to infest others or you guys with my thoughts on how to solve this at first hand.

I think it is a good solution to have the same RON/AKI on all countries and then just have them available to what suits countries best.
It would be really frustrating (for me at least) to redesign my engines or make complete new ones to especially be sold to the bigger audience in different countries that instead of 95/98 RON have 90 RON as their main fuel octane.

But (there is always a but!) for another difficulty layer, it might be well attractive and do-able (time and effort wise) to add this to the game, so it becomes much harder to expand into other territories. I’m not talking about a difference between France, Germany, UK, Spain, italy and The Netherlands, but more like South Africa and Australia or Brazil and UK.

Remember though, the numbers you see for the US are in AKI (RON + MON/2=AKI), not RON, the fuels are technically the same though. And it also depends on the altitude of the area, my uncle can get 85 octane (AKI) as the minimum but where I am from the minimum is 87 due to him being at a higher altitude.

It would probably boil down to that you at the start of the campaign select what system to use (AKI or RON) and then in all of the campaign you’d get nice and even numbers for your choice.

Im well aware of that. But it could be an extra difficulty setting in the end. I’m glad it is likely that the way killrob explained in a previous post (all the same RON/AKI with different availabilities) will be the way to go on Normal Mode.

Just design 'em all for 91 RON. Because MURRICA. :laughing:

Or 89 for us poor folk.

That’s AKI not RON isn’t it?

The regular fuel in Canada (and the USA AFAIK) is AKI 87, which is about RON 91.

The standard in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is 95 RON

Don’t forget RON102 for Germany…

Yes we will forget about that! :stuck_out_tongue:
Name me a single production car sold in Germany (by numbers greater than say 1 / year) that require RON 102

So, just to sum this up:

According to the developers, the game will use standard fuel ranges like 90/95/98/100 RON, and tweak around with the availability of the fuels in different countries, in different eras.

@Killrob: Is the option to have more diversity in the fuelrange still open to add another difficulty layer to the game, so it requires more tweaking when you want to expand to different markets?

I don’t think that would add much value to the game, it just makes it more finicky. So, nah, I don’t think we want that.

[quote=“Killrob”]Yes we will forget about that! :stuck_out_tongue:
Name me a single production car sold in Germany (by numbers greater than say 1 / year) that require RON 102[/quote]

Well it’s not specific for a car… I even could put it in my Arosa with it’s massive 1.4 8v 44kW engine :mrgreen: :geek:

Did you just miss the word I made bold to make you not miss it? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Killrob”]Yes we will forget about that! :stuck_out_tongue:
Name me a single production car sold in Germany (by numbers greater than say 1 / year) that [size=200]require[/size] RON 102[/quote]


Sorry it sometimes is hard for me to follow a German :mrgreen: