Different kinds of bar graphs, next to each other


First suggestion: the cheapest option ought to be selected by default, so as the player mouses over the other options, the comparison is present for them. Right now, I had to select steel to be able to contrast it with aluminum.

Second suggestion: unify the style of bar graph so it means the same every time. More bar = more better. All of them except Safety and Corrosion show more bar = worse. At least they’re color coded to help the player interpret them. But that color coding is a “fix” to a broken bar graph.

Instead of the familiarity % at the bottom - who can say what 2.9% feels like? - it’d be great if any familiarity bonus was added to the end of the bar graphs, showing the additional eighth if an inch of Production Units that the familiarity grants to the player, or whatever.


Don’t know how, but I actually had the they other day; It was twice as long as it should have been.