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Discourse forums can't be accessed on desktop

Well, I’m typing this on mobile as my phone can access the forums anyway.
So ever since like noon (on my timezone) I can’t access the forum site for some reason, but instead it redirects to the Automation official website (https://www.automationgame.com) every time I try to enter the site.

I tried different browsers (Chrome, FF, Edge), disabled all the browser extensions, resetting the cache and restarted the PC but it won’t work at all. A video is attached to prove the issue on Firefox:


I’m currently running a Dell laptop running a i7-7700HQ and a GTX 1050 Ti, with the latest Windows 11 insiders preview (build 22000.132) with the latest Mozilla Firefox and Edge, and the latest Chrome installed for testing (currently uninstalled).

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To add to this, the bookmark I use to access this every day (discourse.automationgame.com) no longer works, it directs to the main game website. However, “Tez” in discord posted this link, which works for me but not some others…


That’s weird. I’m accessing it thorough both Firefox Nigthly & WaterFox as usual without any hassles at all. Have you got your Web Browsers updated to their respective latest versions accordingly? If so, try accessing it thorough them in Safe Mode to make sure it isn’t being blocked by any antivirus plugin or any similar extension by any chance.


It was off for maintenance for a bit earlier in the day (I passed when it was in the read only stage anyway), I’m assuming the redirect had something to do with that but all appears well now.


I tried accessing Discourse via a previously saved link to a particular thread, and it worked.

the issue seems to have been fixed for me

I had the problems until I deleted cookies and history for the automationgame.com site.

The issue is completely fixed now for me as well. I did not have to delete my cookies and history either.

After some cache cleaning the forum has finally worked. Thanks for the help.

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