DIY Car Hi-Fi / Entertainmet

We all know it - the game lacks radio fixtures. It is possible to do something selfmade, but maybe some inspiration might be helpful.

As opening post, you find various systems of Primus and Globus through the years. While Primus had a reputation of high-tech onboard systems since the early 80s, Globus was mostly conservative.


1980 POIC

1985 POIC Lite

1988 POIC 1.5

1991 POIC II

1993 POIC 2.5


1999 POIC-N Business

1999 POIC-N Professional

1999 POIC-N Professional Type B

2004 POIC-N


2000 Globus chorus

2000 Globus concert

2000 Globus symphony

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Game very much lacks radios and head units. Don’t think we even have an 8-track or any satnav (excl mods) in the game.

Two of my things:
2018 Ilaris Iliad 1.6 MDi

1980 IAS Griffin 4.0 SE Avant

I thought I had more of those but it turns out most are just jerryrigging the default fixtures somewhere (a la

this thing)

In general though having more interior fixtures would make interior making a lot easier

Looking at the 90s-era POIC setups, I noticed that their cassette tape and CD players required separate fixtures for each one, especially since there is no single fixture that simulates a combined tape/CD player, and back then, some car stereo setups actually combined their functionality into a single unit.

As an aside, here’s the infotainment setup for the '99 LVC LS60:

I needed two variations of a mod fixture to create the basics, but after realizing that the CD player at the bottom didn’t quite have enough buttons, I added a few more above it, including one for the hazard lights.