DJ's Ideas: Automation Engine Challenge for Assetto Corsa

Hello everyone! I came up with an idea randomly and I’d like to share it for feedback. Please tell me what you think of it! Even if you hate it!

The idea:
Recently a software came out that can port Automation engines into Assetto Corsa. This made me come up with an idea for a challenge.
The base idea of it is that someone makes an engine, and chooses a car to put it in. Theoretically you could make a challenge off of just that, but that would cause all of sorts of unbalanced stuff.
To me the way to do it is someone makes an engine on a budget, chooses a car from a selection (or a single spec car) of cars (with size limits) to put that engine into, chooses a driver, colors and possibly number.

NOTE: The engine weight would also matter.

An example of how this would work is that you build a 2 liter I4. You get to choose between a Honda Civic (Max 2.5 liter), a Volvo 240 (Max 3 liter) or a Lotus Esprit (Max 2.2 liter) to put that engine in. That selection i just made probably wouldn’t work in the slightest, but with some figuring out i’m sure its
possible to get a balanced selection.
NOTE: A proper selection would most likely also have at least 10 cars.)

Another way to do it is something like a spec championship where everyone gets the same car except engine and gearing.
An example of this is everyone having a Caterham, and everyone puts a different engine in it.

Now, that was the main idea. Question is, how would the rest work? That’s next.

The idea past the cars themselves would be a racing championship. Lets say 5 races, all with qualifying.
All cars would be driven by ai.
All drivers would have the same performance level for extra fairness. The person can decide between a few choices on AI agression. Either Safe (70%), Normal (80%) or Aggressive (90%). The person can also decide what nationality and name their driver has.

Thats all i can think of right now. I will be doing a test session soon (with ai engines) to see what happens, and if its actually interesting. Please give advice, and if you have anything to add please do! If its good, i’ll add to the post. NOTE: I am high.
Thanks for reading!

I’ll try to be here as much as i can to respond!

I like the idea, especially in the same car for everyone variant. I’m always up for an engine challenge, they’re pretty rare.

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For “budget” read “material cost, production units or engineering time, or any combination of the three” if I’m not mistaken.

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Yes, exactly (or currently at least). I was thinking while sleeping last night about possibly giving everyone the same car and then people just putting their engine in, and then look at approximate cost, but that is probably far too scuffed.

I think that idea would probably work best, yes. I’d just need to find something with different skins or such, or make my own skins.

Hi. Which software is it? I am interested. Thank you.

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Its in the bottom of the CCC 2 post. its called Engine Crane.


Thank you :slight_smile: