Do not touch the morphs: design challenge (car #3)

I am a sucker for RNGs, and I have been my whole life, so today I got a great idea for a little design challenge.

This is no competition or anything, it’s just a way to see how one single base car can spark creativity among the users.

So. The idea here is that I let a RNG choose the basic body, the certain bodystyle and also to set the number of all the morphs (unless the result becomes downright unrealistic and/or impossible to work with, then I will re-roll until it looks right, regular ugliness is no reason for a re-roll though).

Then…you are basically free to do what you want with it, with only two single and simple rules:

  1. Do not change the body type or the chosen body style. For example, if the car uses a 3 door hatchback variety of a certain body, don’t change it into a 5 door hatchback, sedan, convertible etc. - using 3D work to change it into another bodystyle is OK, though, as long as you don’t change the style chosen in game.

  2. Do NOT touch the morphs. That kinda ruins the point with this whole challenge, which is to see what creativity among the automation community can do with a car that have had its shape defined by an RNG. Reshaping the body with 3D work is allowed, though.

What you want to do with it otherwise is up to you. Stock, custom, factory fresh, worn out, offroader, rally car, tracked vehicle…it’s all up to your creativity. I will provide it with some basic engineering but in case you want to change anything, go ahead. The trim year will be set at the unlock year for the body, but if you want to make a newer car, go ahead. If you just want to post pictures, or tell a detailed backstory, it’s all up to you. Advanced trim setting are 100% allowed, just let your imagination flow freely!

Do NOT send any .car files to me since this is not a “competition” of that type. Post some pictures of your car in the thread, and how much or how little about it you want, that’s all that is needed. I was thinking about having 2 week turnarounds before I change the car, but if you are finished “late” with an older car, just post it up, no time limits there.

So, I hope you understand the (very minimal amount of) rules. If not, just ask me, and here is the third base car for this challenge. (12.2 KB)


Hmm, this is interesting. I might try it

My own attempt… Just let my imagination run free so not much more to say about it. :slight_smile:


Since there is lots of other stuff going on now, and since nobody has taken on this yet despite me seeing some folks showing it interest, I’ll give this two more weeks before I change for a new body I think.

OK, since many people liked the idea but the base car seemed to hard, let’s try with the second one (uploaded in the original post), now when there are fewer challenges running, too. A 70s sedan with some ungainly proportions but should not be too impossible I think?

Here is my take on the 2nd car, presenting the…

1976 Miller Mansion Bling Edition

Complete with very soft springs,

all beige leather interior and a lazy V8.



I’ve give it a go, an idea popped in my head.

@Ch_Flash holy shit man, sweet.

For my fellow Cyberpunk fans


As a futurized version of an undercover detective’s car, your build takes some beating.


Yes, it stinks. Yes, it clatters. Yes, it’s horribly slow.

Yes, you knew someone that had one. Yes, you hated him. Yes, you threw eggs at his windows at halloween. The car might have been japanese. Or american, or french. At that point, who did actually care?

The Malaise GrandSaloon Diesel. Challenge your sanity. Meet your childhood traumas once again. What if the monsters under your bed actually was real? What if your dad actually never will come back from when he went out to buy cigarrettes?

Because, he will, right?

20 years have passed, but he will, right?

…dad…? :sob:


I thought, why not make an attempt to blow life in this light hearted “challenge” again? Car #3 is up and at least in my opinion will be easier to work on than the last two ones.

I’ve been also thinking about this contest recently. For example, host is needed to build a ready-made Mercedes G55 Carriage - mobile, and players will try to improve this replica. I don’t know if there was anything similar on the site. I was thinking of calling it Restomod, Restoration, or just Facelift.

You can bring together a fictional group - Tuning Atelier, which will briefly tell us about the job done.

Isn’t that literally just ARM though?