Do yall resize door handles?

I dont. Arent they already properly sized so to speak like the license plates?

I usually resize them to be larger since they feel pretty small. Some door handles are also actually tiny.

Unlike plates, which is a sin to resize here, it’s okay to resize door handles


Yep. If they don’t look right on the car, I resize them. Some need to be bigger, some need to be smaller.

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To put it this way…
Let’s say you have a door handle from a Mazda (just to take an example), and a Honda has a very similar door handle design, the chances that you can fit the Mazda handle on the Honda, or the opposite, is as good as 0%. There will probably be small differences in sizing, so even if the handles are “generally” the right size, if they look like it would suit the car better if they had slightly different proportions, were larger or smaller, it’s totally OK to do it. If the car looks right with just dropping the handle in place, just do it. As long as it looks right, there are no “rights” or “wrongs” here.

Unlike license plates, that are most often issued by the state, and standard sized, the handles are after all a product of the car manufacturer and its ideas.


Honestly I think most door handles look too small, but it really depends on which style you’re going for.

I often make them thinner, rarely resize all at once. But basically always for cars from 70s onwards I tilt them ever so slightly.

Very interesting points of view from all of you. I never thought they were too small, always thought they were to “scale”. Ill definitely take all this into consideration.

i always do. they look small on every car i make.

License plates have a legally mandated size, which the regular fixtures just so happen to match. The same is true for sealed beam headlights. That’s why people generally don’t resize those. Door handles, meanwhile, are matters of aesthetics and functionality rather than law. Objectively incorrect plate sizing exists, and objectively incorrect light sizing exists for a certain period of American cars. Objectively incorrect door handle sizing doesn’t exist though, and it’s all relative and subjective. Because of this, door handles can be resized more than plates.

I’ve gotten binned in challenges in the past for inappropriately small fixtures which were literally just a fixture at default scale. It was a mirror, and it was laughably small, but the point is still there.

Depending on the body set and type chosen (as well as the door handle fixture itself), you may need to resize door handles in some cases, but not in others.

I almost always resize them. Just like the rear-view mirrors. the original sizes look so tiny, that they make the cars look very odd.
Even the exaust tips are a bit small.
I do not touch the license plates at all, and I never downsize the seats, only upsize if necessary.