Does Automation favor a GPU with more vram or a faster GPU with less

I am looking to upgrade my current PC to get better performance in games as i am seeing some stuttering caused by an overload of textures for the 2GB of vram on my GTX 1050. My current specs:
AMD Ryzen 3 1200
4c/4t 3.1ghz 3.4ghz turbo 10mb cache
PNY nvidia geforce gtx 1050
2gb gddr5 vram @ 1752mhz
640 cuda cores 1455 boost clock
(mines always pegged at 99% so it runs at that 100% of the time)
G.skill Ripjaws v 8gb DDR4 ram
3200mhz dual channel 2x4gb
Msi b350 Gaming plus Motherboard
Doesn’t support sli or crossfire
I am looking to replace my graphics card with something more capable of running modern titles, more specifically Beam ng drive, Fortnite, Forza horizon 3, and Automation. Currently i am looking at the gtx 1060 6gb edition and the rx 570 8gb edition as capable cards that i could get after saving up a little. I want to spend around the $250 mark and was considering a refurbished variant of either card. When looking in detail about the cards i noticed:

  • Rx570 has 2Gb more vram but at a slower speed than 1060s vram
  • rx570 has a Slower clocked processor than the 1060 but has an entire 1050 ti more cuda cores (768)
  • Rx570 has a Cheaper cost
    Do modern titles, beam nc and automation in particular favor the 570 or 1060? i really want to go for the one that will be the better card.

I use a GTX 1060 w/6GB VRAM and a ryzen 1500x and I can play those specific games you mentioned well above 60fps (automation runs a 61-62 tho) with high or the highest quality.

Well, if you are aiming to have both Automation and BeamNG open at the same time (e.g. designing car in Automation, Driving it in BeamNG), the more VRam the better.

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Thanks for your reply! i will concider that and will look into a gtx 1060.

Thanks for your reply! I may be able to barily get by with a 4t processor and only 8gb of system ram on lower settings & frame rates with both running simulatniously.I dont think i would run them like that, but i will take what you said into consideration! thanks again

Since you already have an Nvidia 1050, I’d stay in that family and get a 1060 6gb.

The most Vram I’ve ever seen Automation need is 4gb on epic settings with a 1080p display. that was probably when using photo mode, because it’s rare to see any of my games use a crap ton of vram. (but I havn’t played shadow of mordor yet…)


That. I have a GPU with 4 GB VRAM (R9 380) and Automation runs great on epic settings on 1680x1050. Well, except the photo mode, but I guess that doesn’t run great on anything but NASA-level hardware :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok thanks for the reply! i think ima go with the gtx 1060

ok thanks for the reply. I will get the 1060 soon