Donut’s Fix It Again Felix

The day has come (3 weeks ago) and I have finally gotten myself a Fiat 500! To those in the Automation community who’ve known me for a long while will know I have a strange affinity for these shitty little hatchbacks, but anyways to the real cake.

This is Billy Bee (I did name my cars, yes, I am that type of person). This is my 2012 Fiat 500! It’s the Lounge trim so it comes with all the bells and whistles that these little cars came with like heated seats, a moon roof, parking sensors, etc etc.

I bought this car off FB Marketplace from a mechanic who owned the car as a daily driver for 6+ years for $3000, so despite its high miles it’s in incredibly good mechanical shape after owning it nearly a month and driving long distances. I bought it with 146,900 and now it’s at nearly 147,800. I do a lot of driving so for this car to have lasted well with its mileage through multiple interstate trips and long torn roads it’s held up tremendously.

Though, Billy is without his flaws. The TPMS isn’t working which has always been a common issue with these cars, and is an easy fix I’ll do myself. But otherwise, most of the issues are purely cosmetic like pain chips, the front underbelly splash guard being torn, and some interior problems like worn cloth seats and some plastic bits that need to be reclicked in.

I of course plan on driving this little yellow egg until he hits the dust, and will of course keep him in tip top shape. If I ever have an issue, ik where the mechanic is located so I trust his work in fixing it (though it won’t be for a while cause when I checked everything when I first got it, it seemed like he had already replaced a lot of stuff recently like the oil filter and such so it should be good for a while).

To end out this post, here’s some more photos of Billy cause he’s a very photogenic car.


Cute! You’ve got a car made in Poland, I think :slight_smile: The stripes are a nice bit, over here too many 500s don’t have any fancy config, and they have (had?) a lot of such options.

Is it a matter of the last pic or dirt, or are the headlights really that foggy?

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It depends on the day but yeah, i’m gonna have to polish the headlights when I get the money

Looks sweet! Is that your first car? Also, I love naming cars!

It’s a cute little thing in yellow, especially with those black stripes… Honestly, bright and extravagant colors shouldn’t be the preserve of supercars and hypercars with six- or even seven-figure price tags!

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Welp, that didn’t last long…

Got rear ended heading to Goodwill today, mechanically it still runs and drives good albeit idles low, but there is some pretty bad frame damage ofc for the trunk and right taillight housing (and I theorize maybe an exhaust leak but i don’t wanna worry myself too much atm)

Yes, the guy was in a big truck. He was old too, so I can’t be too hard onto him. But yeah, the very quick life and death of my Fiat 500. 12/13/23-1/11/24


Wow, I’m sorry man, that sucks. Hope all works out for you.

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Thats really unfortunate, and this is probably the shortest active My Ride thread.

It’s been two weeks and they’re finally sending someone over to take my car and assess it. I had to go through the other party’s insurance because when my dad “graciously” offered to pay for my insurance… he never put collision coverage on my insurance. He made it the state minimum, apart from roadside assistance.

So, I’m pretty pissed about that because not only did that heavily fuck up the insurance process, I can’t get a rental car either because of it. Anyway, even though it looks like an easy repair with the age, mileage, and value of my car I already know what the outcome of it is gonna be. So, I’ll just get another Fix It Again Tony if that happens, which it probably will.


So, in the never-ending nightmare that is my life. My car got put up on an auction website without my consent! It’s been fishy from the get-go I mean the fact it’s taken so long for the car to get taken etc etc.

But firstly, I was told beforehand they were going to find a local shop in my city to take my car to so it could be evaluated and assessed. However, they took it to an auction company in Pensacola… I live 3 hours from Pensacola. Secondly, I have not received any calls in the past 3 almost 4 days that they’ve taken my car about whether or not it would be totaled or not, nor have I been given the option to even keep the car and have it titled as salvage. They can’t legally sell it either way since I still physically have the title, reg, and insurance but it pisses me the fuck off that I wasn’t notified or asked if they could do this.

They also changed things about my car, too. It was relatively dirty when I gave it to them because it was covered by a tarp that had been on the ground, but the car was suddenly spotless on the outside. They even threw away the steering wheel cover I had left on and threw away the factory floormats and vacuumed the floor. There’s also a weird red dot on the front left fender and my TPMS light is off on the odometer yet the general failure warning light is still on for the taillights.

I don’t know what’s going on, why it’s happening, and if it’s illegal or not but one thing’s for certain is that I will be calling and I’m not gonna be nice because respectfully what the fuck is this?

Edit: This was through the other party’s insurance which is Progressive


Some Fix It Again Tony updates. I got some news coming soon, so stay tuned for that. In other news I’m very sick so it’ll be a bit till I post it cause I’m too lazy to right now

Alright, back to business. And if you thought my poor purchasing decisions couldn’t get worse, you silly goose you should’ve known better!

With the insurance money I got from Billy, I bought this 2013 Fiat 500c Lounge with 110k miles on it. It wasn’t much more expensive than Billy was, this one was $3800 and runs just as good as the last one! I also drove it 2 and a half hours home doing over 70 pretty much the whole way so it is telling of the condition of it. (it’s good enough).

And yes, don’t be so naive as to think I didn’t give this one a name as well. Keeping up with the warm colors too this one is in a nice burnt orange, almost pearly sparkly paint. Similar to Jasper, which is what this car is named after.

Now, there’s a few glaring issues of course. I didn’t get a perfect car for so little. The top has some issues mainly to do with the tension strap on the left side snapping and becoming loose, thankfully no guides or clips have broken so that reduces the cost of repairs by hundreds. The car also has no key fob, just two plain keys so I can’t access the boot through the button or remotely and I can’t lock the doors remotely. A small whine sound also comes from the engine when I accelerate but it likely is just a belt, not a bearing.

The license plate lights also go out for about 30 seconds when I first turn on the lights before they turn on, a warning light even appears but once they turn on the light goes off too. Finally, the car vibrates… a lot. Because it’s a convertible the structure isn’t going to be as strong and in turn the driverside door vibrates a lot when idling, specifically the mirror. Otherwise, everything works as it should.

Going back to the roof, as you can see the left side is the one where the strap looks loose and tangled, part of it is out of place and one part is just the snapped part. I have seen on forums that people have said that it doesn’t affect how the top operates but I still want it to get repaired because I’m afraid it’ll get caught in the mechanisms if I tried to recline the roof. The right side thankfully is perfectly fine, and everything is where it should be, so the left side is the only concern for me at the moment.

Otherwise, Jasper is a new edition to my Fiat ownership history. I still miss having my old Bumblebee from time to time but I think compared to this new one it’s helped me understand a lot of glaring issues I ignored with the last one. I’d also like to point out that Jasper also has the Beats audio system! Which Billy did not have. The sound improvement is very noticeable and I’ve very much enjoyed every chance I’ve had to use it, it’s personally one of the best sound systems I’ve heard in an economy car like this. The fully leather seats are also in relatively good condition and are very plush and comfy!


Oooh, lovely, I don’t recall seeing a 500 in that colour before, and it’s really nice. And the open top!

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Alright, so I visited the Fiat dealer in my town to see how much it’d cost to fix the tension strap and clean/grease the rails… and they told me they didn’t have anyone who knew how to work on the car. Sooo, I’m not exactly sure what to do at the moment and I’m not confident in my ability to DIY it.

buy it again tony

Wait, what? How could a Fiat dealership not have techs who can work on it?

okay well then

bought it again tony

Beats me, but considering I’m in the US they probably laid off the workers who were working solely on Fiats and/or they just forgot since they don’t sell it anymore here. But, I’ve had someone very helpful online help me with figuring it out, I managed to route the tension straps through the guides to the back… but a new problem arose. The two clips at the back where the straps would attach to are both broken, which isn’t an issue because I can just sew them together and it’ll be fine and dandy… if the left rear clip wasn’t completely behind the rear left locking hinge.

It’s managed to take out the harness that’s supposed to secure bother the go/no go locking hinge and the clip and fallen behind the hinge where it’s now stuck. Meaning I have to get someone to help me manually crank the roof whilst simultaneously wedging the strap out to its correct position and getting both the hinge and strap into the harness which is going to be a pain in the ass but I’ll figure it out. And after that, I can sew together the straps to their clips and I’ll be FINALLY done. It’s a lot but that’s what happens when you buy a Fiat convertible for $3800. I’m lucky it wasn’t anything to do with broken guides or broken clips.