Dovoro Industrys Ltd

This is a second company i’ve got. Story is coming soon.

Argus Dovoro was born in 1901, and was first held by a father whom he would never see again in his life.
The Dovoros were one poor family. The money was just enough for the soup they ate twice a day. Argus always wondered, while he lay down on the floor, full of cold and miserable, why he had to live. The only reason he didn’t suicide was his mother, his sister and his grandmother, and the fact that he didn’t have any means to do it…
One day, Virta (his mother) decided to try to enjoy life a little, and do a maths contest in the huge brick they called house. She was surprised when Argus easily won, as she had been expecting to be the winner herself.
While Argus slept, she, Argus’ sister and her mother went to the nearest school. They were in luck: it was very cheap. They counted all of their earnings, and discovered that they had money for at least a year’s education for Argus.
Argus wondered wether he was still dreaming when his mother woke him up and told him it was time to go to school. However, he confirmed it was real when they actually sent him.
One year was just enough. One day, Argus’ mother jumped in glee as she was given a letter with a scholarship inside. Argus was sent there for free for three years, and that was enough. Argus started working for a small food company, where he was quickly ascended and paid good money. The Dovoros were happy for once in their lives; it was amazing, to live well, to feel well, to eat well, to have a bed, an actual house.
The Dovoros lived like this for three more years. Being eighteen, Argus started work on what he really wanted to work: a car company. He worked at Jazz Motors, a good company from where another car manufacturer would emerge later. He worked for years… until Jazz Motors went bankrupt. A certain woman had given the company much success, and this had excited the director, Armando Jazz, so much, that he had ordered the company to make a mass-producing luxury car. This hadn’t gone very well, and Argus had to live another unhappy half a year, trying to find work and failing. But he and his family finally put together enough money to start something bigger, something he didn’t have to beg others for: his own car company. Thus Dovoro Industrys was born.
After half a year, they started production for a ridicoulously cheap car for the masses.

So, story told, i’ll be posting the first car soon.


Dovoro’s first car, the Irteam, was a very, very, VERY basic car. Its engine was called the Birbao-S1, which came in two variants; the Stander, the standard version, which was used in almost all of the trims, and the Mule, which was used in the Pickupo and Delivery variants and made a slightly higher output. To stand out, the Irteam was equipped with some safety which, anyways, didn’t make it much safer.

The car itself was pretty bad, but the fact that it costed only 5500$ made it very affordable, and it sold well.

I’ll be putting the engine lineup here.

All engines are fitted the same internals, except in their econolin versions, which use eco-carburettors.

Arcao-S1 / Stander

Arcao-S1 / Mule

Arcao-S1 / Econolin

Dalao-S1 / Stander

Dalao-S1 / Mule

Dalao-S1 / Econolin

All engines could be bought separately.
Birbao-S1 (if you’re wondering where the Econolin version went here; I didn’t make it because it is standardly equipped with eco-carbs) Stander: 350$
Birbao-S1 Mule: 375$
Arcao-S1 Stander: 425$
Arcao-S1 Mule: 450$
Arcao-S1 Econolin: 400$
Dalao-S1 Stander: 480$
Dalao-S1 Mule: 510$
Dalao-S1 Econolin: 460$