Down Under Thunder Challenge On hold until I figure out a better way of doing this sorry mods please delete this thread

Here’s one for the tuners out there and something a little more complex than what I normally do.
This challenge is open to 12 entrants total (24 vehicles)

The basic premises is that you will be given a set chassis to work with, 3 engine block and head packages to choose from and 4 bodies to chose from. With these building blocks you are to create 2 perfect drag cars that will have to survive 7 events.

Each competitor can enter two cars one a nostalgic body the other a modern body and each can use different engine combinations if they so wish.

There will be 7 events total two 1/4 mile drag events, two 1/8 mile drag events and one salt flat top speed run and one 1/2mile street race. (I will have to create a 1/8 track and a 1/2 mile with bumps and poor surface) And finally a car show
Points will be allocated from 12 for first to 1 for 12th place
You will be able to re-tune your cars after the first 3 events however you cannot repair the vehicle.
Events will occur in the following order

salt flat run
car show

Tuning allowed:
at the half way mark you can tune your car for the next three events. You Cannot repair any slider damage, change camshaft profiles,engine displacement,fuel system or turbo size
You can however change/adjust timing and fuel A/F, suspension settings, aero settings, gearbox ratios, boost pressure and the rpm limit.

Before each race a random penalty will be applied that will stay with the car for the rest of the competition these penalties all consist of -1 slider point to one of six categories
Bottom End (ie pistons)
Top End (ie compression and cams)
Fuel System

If your vehicle starts to blow up the engine you will be knocked out from that point and will not be able to gain further points, as with your tyres if they blow out you will be knocked out.

All cars must be 2016 trim and use a space frame AHS chassis with a front longitude engine and RWD. Front springs must be Double Wishbone. Rear springs for Nostalgia vehicles must be leaf spring solid axle, Rear springs for modern must be solid axle coil springs. Panel material must be carbon Fibre. Cars must use at least one rear wing and no front lips and have a visible exhaust, tail lights and some form of head lights.

Now each engine will have its own rule-set however these rules must be applied across all engine types.
DI is not permitted
VVL is not permitted
Fuel mixture must be between 15.0:1 and 12.5:1 and must use super98
must use race intake
All engine blocks must use the bore/stroke provided
bore/stroke can only be adjusted via the variant capacity

Gearbox: All cars must use a single clutch sequential gearbox with 4 ratios or 5 speed manual and must use automatic lockers

Wheels must be carbon fibre
H*****R Racing Tires -
(DRAG) D.O.T Drag Radials (based on real world street legal semi slick tyres)


Brakes: Front brakes must be Carbon Ceramic, Rear brakes must be Solid Disc with 1 piston calipers. Tyres must not overpower brakes.

Cooling: Must be minimum cooling -33% (to within 5kj/s), Active wings and cooling not permitted and Undertray must be Fully clad or Downforce

Interior:Must use 2 seat basic trim with -15 quality slider, No Entertainment, only Driver Assists allowed are Traction control and Launch Control if available with that body.(no power steering)

Suspension: Must be progressive springs, Adaptive Dampers, Passive Swaybars

Overall Safety must be 55 or greater in modern and 40 or higher in Nostalgia
Cars cannot have more than a total of 675 production units ( engine production units + Overview production units)

Bodies Allowed (Note no convertibles are permitted)
top 2 are modern, bottom 2 are Nostalgia
Wings are not permitted any further forward than the center of the rear wheel arches


Option one:6
straight 6 magnesium block and Alsi head
Engine block Bore and stroke:90.0x96.0
DOHC 5 valve
Must be turbo
Max turbo size 72mm/74mm A//R 1.30
Must use efi

Option two:8
V8 Crossplane Alloy block Alloy head
Engine block bore and stroke: 113.0mm x 113.0mm
Modern OHV
must use carbs or mechanical injection
must use long tube headers

Option three:8fp
V8 Flatplane Alsi block and heads
Engine block bore and stroke: 92.2mm x 87.0mm
DOHC 4valve
Turbo or N/A
Max turbo size 66mm/66mm A/R 1.00
must use single or twin throttle efi

All Steam mods allowed
Open Beta
Deadline: OPEN will close when I have 12 entrants

model family: DUTm your user name
model trim: manufacturer and vehicle name
engine family:DUT ({the engine used} 6/8/8fp)
engine trim:your user name

Model Family: DUTn your user name
Model Trim:manufacturer and vehicle name
Engine family: DUT the engine used (6/8/8fp)
Engine trim: your user name

Now I will not be doing reviews (feel free to write your own) this is for bragging rights, I will however do a 1 page write up of each of the events with a lot of Aussie dry humor.
I will Also for the first time post an active spreadsheet so participants can see where their car is at all times.

I am calling out @Sillyworld @AirJordan @phale @strop @Madrias @thecarlover @KLinardo @asdren @BobLoblaw @abg7 @Rk38 @TR8R

I will not be competing and it will be first in best dressed i will only accept 12 entrants regardless of whether I have called you at or not


First Overall

Second Overall

Third Overall

Car Show Winner

Wooden Spoon Award

reserved for entrants

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Thats right no penalties apply to the car show and even if your car has broken down you will be eligible for the car show the idea is you do not know what penalty you will be given at the start of each racing round generated by a random number program[quote=“AirJordan, post:8, topic:16355”]
maybe 35 meters?

Yeah thats what I meant Derp now 40 metres

I have decided to allow all cooling vents

I picked 12 people that are constantly on the forums but the comp is open to everybody for me the enjoyment is all about hosting and refining my hosting skills so I can bring better challenges in the future

I would rather have just the production unit limit than a total cost so that what we will do

Yep legal tyre sizes in 10.5 drag racing

DI is not allowed EFI only (just on the premise that I have never seen a DI 10.5 drag car here in Australia and aftermarket DI is not great or cheap)

I am allowing traction control to assist with traction.
Tyres are 10.5 so as to keep the challenge interesting and so that one body does not get a huge advantage over another because it cannot fit big enough tyres.The bodies have changed. And i will now allow cooling fixtures rather than just a bonnet scoop so I get some cooler looking cars.

lets try for 40 metres should be far more approachable

Yep you can use any variation of the bodies but not the convertibles.

You make a good point. I will use a real life tyre brand to base the sizes on that will allow bigger tyres which will allow the use of larger brakes and I will remove the braking distance.

Why 2 piston carbon discs in the front? With skinny front tyres we wont get that much grip…

I believe that cooling must be a touch over 50% or the error pops out.

I never knew drag cars have progressive springs and semi active sway bars. :nerd:

2 piston carbons as this is meant to be somewhere between a pro modcar and a pro street hence the 10.5 tyre rule and the small front tyre rule. Cooling has been adjusted to -33%. And with the suspension I have changed it to replicate the electric controlled shocks that are now used which can set the bound/rebound etc but not while moving progressive springs are a normal thing as when a car launches you do not want it to go too high or far worse to come down too fast, your suspension needs to compress hold and slowly extend

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so this basically means our engines must have an octane rating low enough to endure -6 on either top end or fuel system (just to be safe, whichever is worse)? Am I doing this right? Since in car show, giving -1 to engine makes no sense…

something is wrong here… maybe 35 meters? :slight_smile:

For cooling, may I suggest that you simply allow as low as possible because it’s hard to hit exact mark with different fixtures. There is no reliability limit so everyone will automatically go for as low as game will let us.

Why? :slight_smile:

I love the way @Darkshine5 asks for the best tuners and adds me! :laughing:

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You called me out? I might not be the best tuner in the shop, but… I’m looking very strongly at that I6. That’s what I know best.

Bodies, well… I see two cars I can work with.

Penalties… I can build some wicked engines with overheads that say they’re very reliable.

That budget’s reasonable, although I’d argue that with a budget, having a production unit limit is a little restrictive, though I can work with that. Cooling from the hood scoop is fine by me, better aerodynamics and all that. Not sure how I’ll do decorative stuff, although I suppose those grills with the black plastic inserts from the High Quality Essentials could make the car look good.

So tyre diameters are actually, 646, 752 and 778.5 (for 265s)…rounded out to nearest 5?

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Mild tuning question: is Direct Injection considered EFI, or do you want us using Multi-Point EFI?

Can we use any variant of the selected bodies, or just those shown?

(It will influence my entry/ies)

I’d vote for either/or, but not both. Production Units means we’re limited in the things we can get away with on sliders, because the production units would get out of control in a hurry. Cost means slider abuse runs wild, but more expensive components get ignored. Both stifles competition because we’re already in a semi-restrictive setup, with a limitation on engines, interiors, driver assists, chassis and body materials, suspension, etc. I understand the rules are restrictive in order to enforce this as a tuning challenge, and I think that’s cool, actually, but with those rules, either Production Units or Cost would be a preferred restriction, knowing that if it’s PU, we end up buying more expensive stuff, and if it’s Cost, we abuse the sliders.

But, I’m just one person. We’ll see what the majority says.

Fair enough. I had to ask, as I needed to know if we were stuck with MP-EFI being the only fuel system that’s allowed and makes sense to use. Not that I see a problem with MP-EFI, as it does mean there’s less cost/production units involved. It just means I have to be more conservative with my tuning, not that it’s a bad thing.

mmmmmm this looks like a challenge.

I’m pretty busy at the moment but if I’m not too late, I do find it difficult to turn down a challenge!

I’m more of an engine builder than a vehicle tuner. I can’t make any promises on the suspension setup, but I think I can put together a pretty decent V8 package.

I’ll look into this more after CSR 15.


And there is one big problem. The second retro body you picked (don’t know about the other yet) supports tires up to 215 with leaf or 235 if you go multi. So that’s a no no with 800 hp engines.
Talking about tyres since we don’t have drag radials but only semi-slick rubber, we should get wider tyres otherwise it will be 1/4 mile wheelspin.

Ok, interested. Doing preliminary builds.
Just a question, why are we using foofy 265’s on the rear?
Also, i got your brake specs maxed out on a bare non corvette body with +10 into tires and as wide as possible, and im not getting m “under 35 meters 100-0”. Solutions?

Good to know!

(Wagon Online :stuck_out_tongue:)

Ok rollcall are we ok with the rules and regs as they are at this stage? Please let me know if you have any questions. There are rules that have changed.
edit: I should have the 1/8 mile and 1/2 mile tracks finished tomorrow night about this time.

sounds like an interesting name for an online wagon racing game.

also, instead of writing that super long rules. it feels like it’s better to just provide the base car and engine to choose from, and tell us what you can and can’t do with it…

I thought about doing that but…this way you don’t have to download anything just upload to me which makes my life alot easier when it comes to sorting entrants. Also I wanted to have a very detailed clearly written set of rules that can be modified if so be so that there is no confusion with entries and so that you guys know exactly what I am looking for