Downforce X Suspension Beta Patch 7/Ellis Public

Been playing the Ellisbury beta patch 7 and found some weird behavior in exporting to Beamng.

First, front pushrod acting weird and braking. Depending on the build it just collapse in itself after spawning.

Than the big deal, after messing around with a supercar build. I noticed that: if I put a lower ride height the car in Beamng will not have the intended downforce, but it maintain the intended drag.
After sometime I noticed that suspension tune is somehow linked to maximum downforce projected in the exported car, the misbehavior seems to be linked to the maximum load capacity of the tuning, with a pair of double wishbone I had to tune for the double of downforce intended as load capacity for it behave properly in Beamng. And exported cars seems to be more likely to bottom out without the warning tag in Automation.

Some testing: Front double wishbone, Rear pushrod. Same setup just changing the ride height.

Higher ride height: iddle the car have 1203kg, in 340km/h = 2587kg so 1384kg of downforce.

Higher ride height: Close enough to the intended 1392,3kg of downforce.

Lower ride height: iddle the car have 1203kg, in 340km/h= 1856kg so 653kg of downforce.

Lower ride height: Somehow 737kg lower than the intended 1390kg of downforce.

I’m misreading something or is this actually a bug? I saw that in patch 6 there is a fix for “Fixed current downforce not factoring into rolling over check” maybe something tied to that had broken exporter?

Been testing the same issue with the Ellisbury public release. Pushrod seems to have stoped collapsing and braking. The downforce issue still there, and another thing that I forgeted mentioned before the top speed penalty seems a lot more than intended. Automation will show something like 380km/h top speed but with fine gear tuning the maximum will be 300km/h in beamng.