Drag Strip (Because i haven't seen one yet)

So its just a drag strip acctually.

I made this because i haven’t seen one on the forums before

Post your Quarter mile times down here!

My fastest quarter mile

Dragstrip.zip (17.4 KB)

Nice track, but there actually are a couple of drag strips already.

1/4 mile drag racing features Tulsa and should really be broken out into a separate thread as it’s tough to find.
Swanson Proving Grounds suffers the same problem as Tulsa.

Awesome! Thank you for the track! :smiley:

Thanks for providing this!

Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I’ve also just made a 1/4 and 1/8 mile strip from Willowbanks Raceway.
@07CobaltGirl Do you think it would be a good idea to collect all the drag strips together and link to the individual tracks’ topic pages from one place?